TV Hotspot Feature- Black Sails Ends with War on the Horizon


Happy Easter, TV addicts!

Black Sails ended a week ago but I had promised Bingbox that I was going to do another feature post at the end of the season and I try to keep my promises. Here’s my take on the last episode for season two.

THERE BE SPOILERS: So, hurry up and watch the last episode before you read the post.

Captain Flint and Captain Vane 'captured' in Charles Town

Captain Flint and Captain Vane ‘captured’ in Charles Town

In season two of Black Sails, the stakes were much higher, the twists were twistier and the battles were bigger. There was much loss and from what we saw at the end, much gain. We got more insight on the characters, creating interesting dynamics for the overall plot….and I’m not going to bore you with an attempt at a professional review. I’m just a fan. I’m going to talk about what blew up and sparkled in my eyes.

Because where's the fun in technical jargon?

Because where’s the fun in technical jargon?

First off, let’s give the writers a round of applause for a script well done. I’m still toasting to Vane’s letter to Eleanor which she found on her dead father’s body. Bloody brilliant because not only did it foretell the coming war between the British and the pirates but it also gave us a chance to sympathize with Charles’ cause. Slavery comes in many forms, folks and Charles Vane was having none of it.

Had to reuse the 'Charles Vane gives no f&%$' face.

Had to reuse the ‘Charles Vane gives no f&%$’ face.

Now, we see that all the pirates from Flint’s camp have been swept up into Vane’s ‘them and us’ cause. Flint especially, since Lord Ashe’s hound dog killed Miranda and he was captured to be ridiculed in a public trial. Another moment of silence for Miranda Barlow. She figured out how much of a traitorous bastard Ashe was before Flint could take his head out of the clouds. I’m going to miss her sharp-mindedness. When that judge (or whoever he was; he’s dead anyway) opened the wooden casket revealing Miranda’s corpse, my heart broke all over again.

We will never forget you, Miranda

We will never forget you, Miranda

Killing Miranda was rude and uncalled for. So of course, the town had to burn. And burn it did! When Vane stood up and delivered his second best tirade of the season–telling the people of the town that they were fools to let the politics corrupt them–I knew something huge was about to go down. It’s Captain Charles Vane. The man does not do anything half-assed. Turning the cannons on the people, giving them a taste of how they gun down the pirates, made my day. Good God, give this man a prize.

Up yours, Ashe.

Up yours, Ashe.

The next step is to rescue Eleanor from the British navy before she’s charged and hanged. Maaan, I would not want to be Hal Gates and Hornigold when Eleanor comes back. There’s a reason she and Vane always got along so well (not give f&%$s) and how she could bend almost any pirate to her will. Those two better haul ass before she returns. How am I so sure they’re going to rescue Eleanor? Captain Charles Vane always wins…and, alright, he has Flint and his men.

So I may be a little obsessed with the man...

So I may be a little obsessed with the man…

The captains may also have a bribe if Max’s intent is clear. She may use some of the gold to help with the release of Eleanor or at best buy the tavern to keep it safe for her return. Call me cynical but I never thought Max would do such a thing after all Eleanor had done to her. It goes to show you that a little kindness can be found in the company of pirates. But she’s still greedy and ambitious.

LOL. Look at that face.

LOL. Look at that face.

I don’t know how Max or the rest of her company is going to get through the fight for the Urca gold alive. Now that Flint knows the gold is still out there, he might tell Vane. There be a deadly battle between them and Rackham/Anne Bonny. Oh, boy. That could get nasty real quick. All that glitters is not gold, people. In this case, surrounded by hungry pirates, all that glittering gold means something has to give.

I imagine my reaction to be one of these.

I imagine my reaction to the future conflict will one of these.

Predictions and wishes for the next season:

Gold hunt: I figure the conflict for the gold should be cleared up in the beginning of season three. People will die. I bet on Rackham. I would say Max but that woman has a history of getting out of scrapes with her soul intact.

The Real Long John Silver: I can’t wait to see that wooden leg. It happened sooner than I thought it would but I still got the historic buff goosebumps when I saw the physical makings of the legend. With that leg and his charm, he’s going to be the Long John Silver history taught us.

More Anne Bonny slaughter scenes: Female pirates are rare and intriguing. Anne’s way of slaughtering her victims is almost damn poetic as it is cringe-worthy. More, more!

The deaths of Gates and Hornigold-I see this coming a mile away. Even if their presence is never mentioned in season three, I’m just going to assume they were dealt with, swiftly and bloodily.

Abigail Ashe- I miss her and her reasoning. Writers, please find some way to bring her back. Besides, the romantics in all of us wouldn’t mind someone for Billy, eh?

Nassau is Pirates Only-The war is coming! Flint and Vane are two smart-thinking, formidable pirates. The British won’t defeat them so easily. Can’t wait for it.

Until next year, Black Sails fans!


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  1. My heart nearly gave out on your dead Rackham prediction! Hahaha! But loved the review, I also can’t wait to see the real beginnings of the John Silver that we all know from Treasure Island. 😀

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