Reality Bites- Obama in Jamaica Memes


I know my island only gets recognized for its music and sports global contributions. So it’s nice when internationals are talking about something else for a change. Like Obama’s patois.

"Wah gwan, Jamaica?" Lol, real smooth Obama.

“Wah gwan, Jamaica?” Lol, real smooth Obama.

Buzzfeed and other sites gave us great articles about how Jamaicans were going crazy over the visit from President Barack Obama. But you can’t deny that the Jamaican government were the ones most ‘gaga’ over his brief visit.

As Jamaicans, we love to show the best to our visitors. The Jamaican government had to represent.


They were even ready if he wanted to take a trip to the country side.


I’m pretty sure they had make-up artists prepared for a temporary transformation so he could fit in with the Jamaicans.


But we know why Obama really wanted to visit…


LOL. Just kidding, guys. Nothing like that happened. Jamaicans are just rude little troublemakers.

Why do you think the memes are so good?


Give me your feedback! XD

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