TV Hotspot-A Fan’s Moral Compass (GoT Season 5 Leaked)


Dear GoT (Game of Thrones) addicts,

I know what you’re thinking: should you download the leaks or still watch the GoT premiere on HBO tonight?

Well, I’m going to be honest with you: I’m no saint. When leaks happen, I’d like to be there for it so I know I have a choice. So, if your choice is to download the leaks, I won’t tell you it’s wrong to do so. But keep one thing in mind: in order for GoT to continue, they need the ratings.

Chances are, HBO might blame the leaks for the (God forbid) low premiere ratings this Sunday but you never know with these media conglomerates. Look at FOX, need I say more? While we’re selfishly gobbling up those four episodes, the ones on television might only be met with silence. Let’s keep GoT running for two (three?) more seasons. Watch the episode on television too, please.


Or at least keep your TV running during the episodes.

Just a friendly reminder from a fellow addict.

Enjoy GoT season 5.


Give me your feedback! XD

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