TV Hotspot Feature-Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere in Five Points or Less


Hello again Game of Throners,

How did you all enjoy the premier? I restrained myself from watching the leaked episodes because I didn’t want to wait a month for the next one. A fellow fan just asked me how I deal with the gnawing anticipation. I have to try. Especially since this episode felt extremely short. I still want my 45 mins back, writers! But until then (or the next episode), I’ll just play the five points or less challenge. Ready?

1. Denaerys’ Lines Were On Fleek- Gosh, I hate this slang. One day I’m going to rant about it but right now, I’ll use it to show how much Denaerys Targareyn aka Mother of Dragons, was killing it with her lines. Her “I’m not a politician, I’m a queen” slayed me. Don’t think I won’t use that somehow, somewhere, sometime in the universe. From the S5 trailers, her scenes were always so powerful. I’m looking forward to more of her dialogue. Next time, I’m going to be armed with my notebook. Her lines MUST be used in the real world.


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But for a good, there is always a bad. Her epic lines couldn’t save her when..

2. Denaerys needs a Dragon Care manual– She’s a powerhouse with humans but when it comes to her dragons, we really see her youth. And can you blame her? Those dragons got ridiculously huge, ridiculously fast. But she’s the Mother of Dragons so her initial shock needs to wear off soon. As her lover says, if she has no dragons, her powers are only half-assed.

Control them, Khaleesi

Control them, Khaleesi!

3. Jon Snow Still Knows Nothing- Melisandre needs to step away from Jon. Any man who touches her becomes corrupt and/or dies. Jon, you clueless youth, believe this. But nope. He only believes that Mance Rayder was going to give up his people and their freedom for a spared life. How dare you, Jon? Don’t you see that the man wants nothing to do with those beyond the wall?  I don’t know if Jon finally got it or not but we’re proud of his kindness to the man when it came to his death.

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via tumblr

4. Cersei is Going to Get Hers- I can’t be the only one chomping at my nails, waiting for the day this woman suffers for all that she has done. Until she does, I’m going to study that witch’s laugh and use it when the time is right. That was the laugh of a scorned woman who just scored her revenge. That was the laugh of a woman who knows you will suffer until you take your last breath. That was the laugh of ultimate shade (yes, another slang -_-) and it brilliantly made the beginning of the episode.

Even I felt sorry for Cersei. That laugh was just nasty.

Even I felt sorry for Cersei. That laugh was just nasty.

5. Tyrion, get over it- Yes, he committed patricide. But he’s acting like his father was Ned Stark. No one misses Tywin except for Cersei and that’s because she has deep ‘daddy sans mom’ issues no therapist wants to explore. He was also feeling sorry for killing the whore. No, I will not use the whore’s name. Whore is as whore does, people. She got what was coming to her betraying ass. He should be drinking in celebration that he got rid of two people the world did not need. Bottoms, up!


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Other stuff that need to be mentioned are Sansa’s fierce side-eye and ‘gives no shits’ attitude, the lack of Arya, Margaery’s new lease on life inspired by her grandmother, the desire to see Dorne….I’m never going to win this challenge. I now accept that.

“The freedom to make my own mistakes is all I ever wanted”–Mance Rayder

Happy GoT season, addicts.


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