TV Hotspot- Characters of the Week (April 12-April 18, 2015)

Characters of the Week

Hey TV addicts.

The plots were in competition for greatness this week. Many failed and only two really had my heart in shambles. Time to dish out my choices. As always, I am not the queen of the universe. Don’t take my choices for law.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Heroes of the Week: Cisco and Ray Palmer (The Flash)

What a cute duo. I loved seeing Cisco find a confidante in Ray and vice versa. Yes, as a superhero fan, your passions are synonymous to an action junkie but its the little things like friendship, witty banter and being able to take a fatal bee sting for your friend which really make your interest with comic book superheroes worthwhile.


Villain of the Week: Jason Lennon/Ogre (Gotham)

His character created a dating stigma for all fans. Well, for me personally. Never will I trust a well put together, handsome man just simply looking for an insatiable love. And by insatiable love, I mean deadly obsession which leads to some serious mutilation. Silly love, your purity can’t cover the fact that he’s a murderer bent on killing all of Gotham for his perfect bride.

On tumblr, this was captioned: 'Fifty Shades of Ogre'. LOL sounds about right.

On tumblr, this was captioned: ‘Fifty Shades of Ogre’. LOL sounds about right.

Underdog of the Week: Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne (Gotham)

[insert witty introduction here] because I can’t. I still have no words, no reaction for the murder darkness I witnessed. If I had really seen the act, I would immediately move to another town. Gotham’s darkness is like an infection and I wouldn’t want to become sick. I chose to put these two under this grey area category. They were not heroes and their method still makes me squirm but Alfred at least was avenged.

This was also the moment Bruce stopped crying.

This was also the moment Bruce stopped crying.

Creep of the Week: Katya (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD)

After I watched this episode, I was convinced between Katya and the Gotham kids that something was wrong with the children this week. Katya was an Inhuman who brainwashed people through their pain. Wow, even that description is chilling. I so wish it had been her mother because no one wants to see a child die–even when there was no choice.

RIP Katya. You didn't deserve any of this.

RIP Katya. You didn’t deserve any of this.

Village Idiot: Quentin Lance (Arrow)

He’s even more annoying than last time. Ugh. His ‘I’ll get you now you little son of a bitch’ had me urging Ollie to hit him in his face. Where is this restrain coming from? Maybe its the #angryblackwoman in me. He would have gotten a black eye before he finished the sentence. Okay, that’s mostly a lot of talk but my sharp tongue knows no boundaries at least.

Just one punch...come on, Oliver!

Just one punch…come on, Oliver!

Hottie of the Week: Nashit (2 Broke Girls)

Thick Irish accent, lean and hot. This wasn’t hard to decide upon. The boy looks good, Max is happy and the female fans now have something else to look forward to on this show.

Isn't he adorable?

Isn’t he adorable?

Twist of the Week: Arrow and Scandal

I refused to choose! First off, Ras Al Ghul stabbing Thea at the end was not only shocking, it was confusing as hell. Not confusing in the sense that I didn’t understand the events leading up to it but confusing because no one in Team Arrow, besides Arrow truly suffers. Come on guys, reason with me on this: until Roy and Thea, everyone was quite fine. But Ras Al Ghul–being who he is–just had to change up the game. I can’t wait until Batman comes in the later years to kick his ass.

My theory holds relevance and Thea isn't dead!

My theory holds relevance and Thea isn’t dead!

Then there’s Scandal where Jake got stabbed. WTF. Weren’t we all speculating that Jake was going to die? Weren’t we all shaking our heads at that crazy theory as well? Because Jake should not die. He just shouldn’t. Clearly, apart from Jake, Olivia can’t find a good man in the wonderful state of Washington if Russell’s B6-13 alias is anything to go by.

Shonda! Fix this! XS

Shonda! Fix this! 

*shakes head* Last week was cray, addicts. Can’t wait for more!

Give me your feedback! XD

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