Musical Mentions-The Empire Soundtrack is Our Fix Until The Next Season

musical mention header Hey music lovers!

I’m going to continue my Empire high by gushing about its soundtrack. You haven’t bought the soundtrack? What kind of music fan are you?! Okay, maybe you just haven’t seen the rave reviews its received. Or maybe you would rather read a more trusted source. I mean, me, if you hadn’t gotten that.

Empire_Cast_-_Official_Soundtrack_from_Season_One,_Album_CoverThe worst way anyone can describe Empire is to say it is a musical. A musical implies a corny, happy-go-lucky, bumble and tumble of exaggerated drama. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate musicals but they’re not my favourite genre either. I have a list of Broadway shows to hit up once I’m in New York but don’t expect me to creepily gush about their awesome.

Except Sound of Music. Don't smear my Sound of Music!

Except Sound of Music. Don’t smear my Sound of Music!

Empire depicts the lives of a talented family who owns a record company. Luscious Lyon is the father and head. Cookie Lyon is his ex-wife who bore him three male children/his heirs for the company. So, songs will be sung. They just don’t break out into during dialogue. The singers are usually in a sound studio, on a stage, behind a piano or in a video. So musical haters, rejoice. You can hear the songs but the people don’t smile and dance like hyper monkeys. Besides, does Cookie look like the kind of woman to break out in cheery dance?

Does Cookie look like the kind of woman to break out in cheery dance?

But I’m not here to dish on the show. No, you’re going to have to watch the season yourself. After you have been sufficiently dazzled, continue the moment with your copy of the Empire soundtrack. Featuring all the songs sung on the show, this soundtrack makes you relive the greatness of the first season. I love every one of the songs, but here are my three favourites which are always on repeat; ascending order to most loved.

No Apologies feat. Jussie Smollet and Yazz

Conqueror feat. Jussie Smollet and Estelle

New York Raining feat. Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora

Why are still reading this post? From the first video, you should have already been ordering the album on Amazon.


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