TV Hotspot- Characters of the Week (April 19-April 25, 2015)

Characters of the WeekHey TV addicts,

Enjoyed all that television had to offer this week? This week was The American’s season finale. I feel like that episode was the biggest ‘face-palm’ for the TV season. But before we divulge into that, let’s look at who else made the top spot. As always, any opinions are welcome.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Hero of the Week: Cyrus Beane (Scandal)

What can I say? I’m easily impressed. You knew this about me before I started this segment. Cyrus Beane has always been the undercover villain. His intentions were justified but so is the road to hell. Anyway, I applaud him for his speech on the Sally’s little rag show this week. He could have very well been baited but he decided his White House paycheck was a little more stable than any campaign he could do. Or does he? You never know with Cyrus…for now, I’ll just give him this hero post.

This angle was brilliant.

This angle was brilliant.

Villain of the Week: Rowan ‘Papa’ Pope (Scandal)

He ordered kids to be killed. Do we need any more reson to dump him in the villain spot. I usually admire my villains but this one went too far. The kids. Why the kids? The ex-spy was expected, although she had made her peace with her past transgressions. But the innocent children? No, I draw the line. Papa Pope has no damn shame and I suggest that Olivia and her team run.

RUN, girl!

RUN, girl!

Even though she has leverage on him now, I still can’t imagine this being as clean as it was before. And it was already grisly with Jake’s close encounter with death.

Underdog of the Week: Castle (Castle)

Let’s make things a little lighter with Castle’s unexpected role in saving America. Like a comic book hero, this mild-mannered man was involved in a deadly CIA plan to stop Al Quaeda from a terrorist stunt. It’s what the country needs with Isis on the loose. If you know your history, flims played a huge part in spreading the war fever across the opposing countries and I’m glad today is no different.

Me too, Beckett!

Me too, Beckett!

Creeps of the Week: Barbara Gordon and The Ogre (Gotham)

source: tumblr

source: tumblr

This ‘sad parade’ duo were made for each other. Both of them drown in self-pity and want to see others suffer. I guess I can somewhat understand the Ogre’s pain–his face was grotesque and if a bad hair day gets me heckled, I can just imagine what a permanent bad face day will do to someone. But Barbara again annoys me with her ‘sad little rich girl’ tripe. Jim better come save her before she does anything more eye-roll worthy.

Village Idiots: Phillip, Elizabeth and Paige Jennings (The Americans)

source: tumblr

source: tumblr

……what the hell?!

They should have never told Paige a thing. Firstly, she just got baptized which means this lie is going to affect her more than they think. If they knew even one iota about Christianity, it is ‘thou shalt not lie even though its for the parents who fed you and kept you from harm”. No, Paige has standards. For now. Don’t get me wrong; her moral compass needed to let out all that tension but she has never been put in a position to lie for anyone before. She doesn’t know how it feels like. If she were older, gained more experiences, she would still be bothered but she wouldn’t stupidly call her pastor about it. Now you know his wife is gearing up to dial 911 after he hangs up.

If it had been Henry who found out, I feel like he would have kept it and took one for the team. Henry isn’t complicated. Henry accepts the explanations he’s gotten. I really wish it had been him. Now we have to wait for next season to see how much Paige has ruined her family.


Villain of the Week: Dhalia (The Originals). No chill, Dhalia. None. Killing Aiden to frame Klaus just had down right dirty written all over it. Can’t say her plan wasn’t completely out of the box, though.  For a woman who’s reputation proceeds her, she’s sure living up to it. A moment of silence for Aiden. This fight was not his own. Poor, poor Josh.

Creep of the Week: Edward Nygma (Gotham). I think the only prequels/origin stories I love are the ones from the comics. I love seeing villains and heroes being created. This is what makes Gotham so damn appealing. Enigma taking his first kill is like seeing a baby taking his first steps. That probably came out wrong: basically, I have been waiting all season and now he’s here. The first of Enigma. It also gave me chills. “Oh dear” indeed.

Come back for more TV talk next week.

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