Movie Moments-The Hundred-Foot Journey Has Me Hungry For Indian Food

moviemoments Hey movie lovers.

Perfection in a movie is hard to come by these days. Big, memorable movies are now determined by the hype or the amount of actors and not because it’s watch-able. I don’t need to remind you of Iron Man 3 and most sequels. So, when The Hundred-Foot Journey came around without much hype, I thought this was a movie worth watching. And I was damn right.

SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: What can I say? I like you enough.


The Hundred-Foot Journey speaks to an Indian family who travels to France after tragedy befalls them in India. The mother died and Indian soldiers destroyed their home and restaurant. So, the father and his five children decide to set up shot from across a reputable French restaurant–a hundred feet to be exact.

They actually count it in the movie.

They actually count it in the movie.

So what made this movie so watch-able?

The food, the food, the food!

There were an amazing array of Indian and French dishes featured throughout the movie. I’m a regular foodie (which means I’m not extreme but I won’t limit myself if the interest is strong) so the cooking process and the food tasting appealed to me in ways which might require plane tickets to France and India sometime in the near future. Or just more trips to Indian and French restaurants. Either way, I want to try some of the food!


Making me hungry just looking at it….

Hassan is Bae

I’m going to refrain myself from gushing about the good-looking actor. I don’t want you guys to think I’m always man-crazy. But I will say this: he did a great job in conveying Hassan’s coming of age experiences in a new culture with a different cuisine. He was also spot on with Hassan’s emotions. I won’t go into much detail, but let’s just say our hearts will forever love Hassan and his raw, honest emotion.


Cry all you want, Hassan. We still love you, boo.

Hassan was also surprisingly humble throughout the movie. I expected when he had a taste of success, he would become such a douche-bag. Call me jaded, but these things only happen in movies.

Started from the bottom and always looking back.

Started from the bottom and always looking back.

The Bollywood Dream

The dancing, the singing, the romance, the feel good memories…these are the stuff made of Bollywood movies and although The Hundred Foot Journey was set in France, once you have Indians, you’re bound to experience at least one or two of these aspects. The romance was spot on and after watching the movie, you’re left feeling, for just a couple of minutes, that all is right with the world and work will be fantastic the next day. All lies, but It’s okay because you just watched a Bollywood movie.

source: tumblr

source: tumblr

If you’re a fan of Bollywood or you just want to feel good after a long, jarring day, go watch The Hundred Foot Journey! You won’t regret it.


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