TV Hotspot-Characters of the Week (April 26-May 2, 2015)

Characters of the Week

Hey TV addicts,

I’m sure you’ve noticed there hasn’t been any midweek madness posts as of late. Let’s just say that my workload can only handle one TV Hotspot post for the week. Now let’s get into last week’s picks. If you have any contentions, let a girl know okay?

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Hero of the Week: Alexis Castle (Castle)

I don’t know what is happening with Castle lately because its episodes are just grabbing me every week. For this week, the plot started off very cliched and predictable–especially with the man who was suspected to be a part of the Islamic State…wasn’t that an episode two weeks ago? So, I expected this week to be a bit of a bore…until we found out it was really the flight attendant who killed the U.S. Marshall and Alexis discourages her from killing more people like a true professional. Spot on, Castle writers. Spot on.

“No. I got this!”

Villains of the Week: Dahlia and Freya (The Originals)

I, like any human being, hate to be taken for a fool. So when Dahlia has a back story different from Freya’s, I am suspicious of both instead of choosing sides. I’m going to be honest though, Dahlia’s deal sounds good–apart from killing Hayley–which Klaus better not do if he wants to face the true death by Elijah. Sigh…why can’t the family just get along?

I just hope Klaus knows what he's doing.

I just hope Klaus knows what he’s doing.

Underdog of the Week: Thea Queen (Arrow)

Thea has always been collateral damage, in my opinion. She’s always kept in the dark and faces the most harm when things go crazy. Hell, she died a week ago because of her familial association to Oliver. The girl has got a bad deal. But she really showed her stuff in the last episode when she almost went head to head with her brother. If team Arrow needs another way to put Oliver down, they just found her.

Nice aim, Thea!

Nice aim, Thea!

Creeps of the Week: The Castor Clones (Orphan Black)

I thought Helena was crazy but boy, was I wrong. She is a level-headed girl with a 9-5 job compared to these clones. One went off the railings because he was sick, I get that. Mental illness should not stigmatized. But let’s go back to what he and his brother did before: took down the contacts for a prostitute they were with and took a lock of her hair. Still not creepy enough for you? Okay, fine. So this scene with Rudy hugging up “mommy” like a five year old just won’t trigger you creep senses.

So creepy 0_0

It sure did mine. 0_0

Bad-ass of the Week: Helena (Orphan Black)

You know you’re a bad-ass if you still raise everyone’s heckles while stuck in a jail cell. The line she gave Paul was so smart and on point, I couldn’t help the witch cackle that came out of my mouth. Even Helena’s resting bitch stance is epic. I salute you, mama.

tumblr_nnsf6oD8nW1twirdso2_250 tumblr_nnsf6oD8nW1twirdso3_250 tumblr_nnsf6oD8nW1twirdso4_250

Surprisingly, there is no idiot of the week. I stopped watching Revenge, so maybe that’s the reason. Not sorry Sorry, Revenge fans. I will explain in an upcoming post soon.

Happy TV week, addicts!


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