TV Hotspot Feature: A Look Back on Finale Week (Part 2)

Flash Season 1 Finale

The Flash Season 1 Finale

Hey TV addicts, AHA! I have kept my promise! The North remembers. So, let’s get into it.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

The Flash Season 1 Finale

DAT FLASH FINALE, THO! I am still in awe of the ending. How can they leave us with a swirling black-hole threatening to ruin Central City?! It was typical comic book genius, where you have to pay for the next issue to find out what happens. Standing ovation, writers! Really, this season has been so good. Frankly, it’s been better than Arrow.

I'm sorry Arrow, but if I had to choose...

I’m sorry Arrow, but if I had to choose…

Problem is, many of the comic book heroes turned comic book TV heroes fall into the trap of soap opera drama, which has its benefits, most times can be seen as a weakness. But the episode, from start to finish, was so comic book-y, I was bouncing on my heels in glee the whole time. The talks and showdown between Thawne and Barry, his indecisions to save the city or his mother, time travelling (I’m a Doctor Who fan, I live for that shit) and Eddie’s ultimate sacrifice. My gosh, The Flash, you’re it!

I couldn't handle the epic, I couldn't!

I couldn’t handle the epic, I couldn’t!

Best 2015 season finale I’ve seen?

Rating: 10/10

Arrow Season 3 Finale

Um…we’re choosing that ending, though? I don’t know. I want Olliver to be happy. I do. But I want him to do it while donning the green cape. Am I selfish? As a comic book hero fan, yes. Very. I don’t want Arrow to end. It has paved the way for DC to successfully re-launch into live action TV land. But I do like that he found happiness at the end. I just don’t know. this the end?

Is…is this the end?

I will say this: Team Arrow has changed and developed into an amazing force to be reckoned with. For the character development, I say well done writers. Well done.

I will be getting my Team Arrow t-shirt soon

I will be getting my Team Arrow t-shirt soon


Scandal Season 4 Finale

While Arrow left me confused, Scandal left me downright pissed. I’m not saying Mellie  handled the Rowan Pope threat as well as she could have. There were so many other ways it could have gone down. Ways which could have been messier. But she tried doing the best she could while under threat. Again, it wasn’t the best way but she tried.

So WHY is Fitz acting like some President turned saint? He ascended to Sainthood? When? Where was the Pope when this happened? Has he forgotten the time when he shot down a plane full of people? Or ooh, this one is more applicable: when he killed Verna Thorton? No. NOPE. Your holier than thou speeches to Mellie and Cyrus do not compute!

“You committed adultery and murder. GTFO, Fitz”  Mhm. True story.

We all know my hate for Fitz is strong. So, fine. Let him live with his hypocritical self. Then Jake-The-Sun-And-All-That-Makes-Sense makes this statement.


Damn it, Jake! And if Olivia had any sense, she’d fling her panties at him and learn to love him. It ain’t hard. Shoot, a man who takes me to an island, I’ll find ways to love him. What’s stopping you?? But nooo, she takes his advice.  Mr. President turned saint turned hypocrite gets the girl. I…I…


Before I pop a cap, I will commend Olivia for brilliantly taking her father down. About time Rowan Pope feels his own medicine for a change. His revenge will be sweet, though. And all I can do right now is pray for Huck’s soul because the darkness is just too real. Quinn…I leave the decision to end his life up to you, girl. I can’t think straight.

How I react any time I think of that last scene

How I react any time I think of that last scene

Shoutout to Mama Pope! She knows what’s up.

Lizzie Bitch is going to die in a blaze of glory. We’re not here for her.

Rating: 6.5/10

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