TV Hotspot Feature- Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Finale In Five Points or Less


Um…Simmons? 0_0

Hey TV addicts,

I finally watched Avengers! So, now I can finally do my review on the season finale of Agents of SHIELD. Yes, I had to wait until I watched Avengers to continue watching this show. I’m a continuity freak. I like order and sequences, bunnies and also five point challenges. Let’s get to it!

SPOILER ALERT: I think this goes without saying.

I wasn’t always a fan of Skye/Daisy. But with all that she has dealt with this season, I feel really sorry for her. She found her family but it was anything but normal. Is anything normal in SHIELD world? Of course it isn’t. Still can’t help shaking my head at the tragedy that is:

1. Skye’s Mother Turned Out to be Evil

Going up against my mother feels bad so I can only imagine how Skye must felt, burdened with the task of taking her mother down. It’s not an enviable task, I’ll give you that. I am so glad her father (who is such a father right?) took the burden from her.

Fatherhood level 100

Fatherhood level 100

The way her mother orchestrated her ‘war’ was downright cruel. I didn’t like Gonzales, thought he was too much of a righteous ass most of the time but he didn’t deserve that death. Especially when, for once, he was actually rooting for peace. Kind of. The indexing bit is still sort of shady.

As is that pimp cane but that's a different matter...

As is that pimp cane but that’s a different matter…

2. Raina was Right…Who Knew?

Damn you, Raina! If you weren’t such a manipulative woman, you could have saved everyone a lot of trouble and saved yourself as well. I hope she isn’t too dead. Yes, you read that right. In comic book land, no one is ever too dead. See: Agent Coulson.

Before she ‘died’ (I’m doing that until I see her bones rotting), she pulled a very smart move which tells me she is a formidable piece on the chessboard. I wanted more exploration of her powers. It’s such a shame she’s ‘dead’. For now.

Revive her, writers! Get Vision to borrow his stone!

Revive her, writers! Get Vision to borrow his stone!

3. Bobbi is this season’s bad-ass; Don’t fight me on this:

Because who in the hell do you know can yank needles out of her fingertips to stab a fellow enemy? Who?? Unless you know/are a ninja, I suggest you say nothing about my decision to name her bad-ass of the season. Ain’t no one tougher and Coulson survived death.

Look at her go!

Look at her go!

4. Why is Ward Still Alive?!

His last scene made me sick. He now wants to be the head of Hydra? After he misled poor Agent 33 down the dark path to her death.  Where’s May? Why isn’t he dead yet? This psycho-monkey just won’t go away.

Who else thought this scene was completely unnecessary?

Who else thought this scene was completely unnecessary?

4. They’re Never Getting Together, Are They?



Simmons better come back alive and well. Because we have waited a whole season for her to realize Fitz was more than a brains. A whole season for her to realize how much that man sacrificed for her life. And now, when they’re about to take the next step, she gets swallowed by some alien stone??

I guess this ironic justice on Simmons part. She didn’t really understood that being special was not synonymous to being a risk. If she does goes through a phase, it would be to teach her a lesson. Not a lifetime curse. Please, writers? With Thor’s hammer on top?

My last point is that Mack annoys me. Anyone who doesn’t like Agent Coulson is an enemy of mine. The man has a mushy heart of gold. And you can’t hate on a dead guy who revived and became an alien carrier. You just can’t!

I just can’t seem to win this challenge.


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