Movie Moments- It Is What It Is in Avengers: Age of Ultron


Hey movie buffs!

As promised, I give you the spoiler-free review of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I was forced to do because me=geek. Shout out to all the superhero geeks who watch these just to keep on their toes with men/aliens in super-tights. Now, let me dish.

Characterization can do a lot for a bad movie. I mean, if you had a barely-there plot but the characters were out of this world–giving you all the feels that you have ever felt in life–then you may find yourself trying to excuse the plot.

“The screenwriter was going through a bad breakup, his mom died and he was recovering from a rare illness. That’s why the plot didn’t add up. But the protagonist was cool!”

What? It can work.

What? It can work.

Now, I’m not saying that Age of Ultron was bad. It wasn’t. But sadly, comparisons run deep in movie land and if we were to choose between the first and second movies, the first movie comes through with high flying Captain America colours.

And those pecs ^_^

And those pecs ^_^

The good: The first Avengers movie had a nice slow build-up. We were hearing rumours of an Avengers movie way back when Iron Man only had one sequel. Then all the other superheroes started having their own movies…Marvel was hitting it with the suspense. Then the Avengers came out and it was an origin movie and I love me those, I really do.

That was me, during Avengers 1

That was me, during Avengers 1

The bad: But the beginning of the sequel  threw me a little. I knew, from Captain America 2, Hydra had the spear. I knew that Coulson and Fury were searching for it during Agents of SHIELD. But did those, who only watched the first Avengers movie, know about it? I’m just saying, like many TV shows, a little recap would be nice. Maybe not a Scarlett Johansson’s voice over of ‘Previously on Marvel’ but a conversation between Fury and  hell, Coulson, before the beginning could have helped.

Although, with the way Marvel is going, that voice over is going to seem legit

Although, with the way Marvel is going, that voice over is going to seem like a good idea.

Marvel can’t assume that their fans will watch all their movies. They can’t. The friend I went with to watch the movie isn’t an avid superhero fan like me. I mean, she has mad respect for her heroes but she won’t watch one because she feels the compelling obligation like I do. Account for this, Marvel.

The ugly: I have another type of beef with this movie which will be difficult to describe since it is the biggest spoiler. So, I’ll just nickname it Plot-hole. Plot-hole came into the movie with 30-45 minutes left of screen time. And I know you know this exact time because we’ve all reached that point when we’re watching a movie on our laptops and checking how much minutes it has left.

VLC, helping us to wield time since 2001

VLC, helping us to understand movie time since 2001

By this time, Ultron–the main villain–has turnt up and his powers have become really real. For those over 40, what I mean is that the villain has become almost unstoppable. So, now the Avengers have been left in a funk. They don’t know what to do! Enter Thor and [SPOILER], Plot-hole is formed!

Hint, hint: he's big and red and not Clifford the dog.

Hint, hint: he’s big and red and not Clifford the dog.

And the Avengers were really counting on Plot-hole to help turn the tide. And he does when [SPOILER] but it left me to wonder: why wasn’t that done sooner? Ugh. Plot holes.

And the saving grace: Let’s go back to my first point of characterization. As I said before, Age of Ultron wasn’t a bad movie and besides all I have pointed out, the plot still lacked something I can’t truly describe. I’ll just excuse it as not meeting to my high expectations.

Even the great Han Solo is stumped.

Even the great Han Solo is stumped.

Apart from all that, the heroes were still lovable, believable and kicked ass. Ultron was surprisingly and refreshingly hilarious. You know, for an artificially intelligent robot. The interactions between heroes and villains were on point. The logic behind all they stood for was solid and the acting was superb.


I’m a simple gal. Give me some action and comedy and I’ll file the movie into the watch-able category. Which is what I’m doing right now:

Rating: 7/10

Are you also an Agents of SHIELD fan? Read my review of the season 2 finale HERE.


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