Reality Bites-Not Another Post About Caitlyn Jenner



Don’t let the above picture fool you. I won’t be talking about Caitlyn Jenner. Not much, anyway. Call this a Reality Bites short. Unnecessary popularity annoys me and since the whole world and its ghosts now know about Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, this will be the shortest post ever.

Yes, YES, YES, Caitlyn Jenner was once Bruce Jenner, the American star athlete. He underwent a sex change and now her name is Caitlyn.

Am I supposed to say more?

What else should I say?

He became a she and she is happier for it.

You want me to judge? Or do you want me to call her a hero?

Nah. Not today. Not feeling the need to rant and/or praise anyone. I think the Internet had  more than enough done that and I don’t like repeats. I will say this. The bottom line and frankly the only line she will ever be concerned about is her happiness. Caitlyn Jenner was born in May and we all just got to suck it up because she won’t change back for anyone.

You mad, tho? Don't be. Pretty sure, SHE doesn't care. (via vanityfair)

You mad, tho? Don’t be. Pretty sure SHE doesn’t care. (via vanityfair)

Why on God’s beautiful green earth would this woman change back into a man and force himself to accept his body for YOU? Someone she doesn’t know exists and is not part of her family. What makes you so damn special to demand that of anyone? Even if I was truly upset about this, I wouldn’t raise my heckles. She doesn’t know me so it’s just a waste of my time and energy.

I’ve seen people on my Facebook feed get crazy angry about it and I have mostly Jamaican friends on it so you know how they are forever petty when it comes to anything perceived as ‘abnormal’.

“Why can’t he accept himself?”

“God made him in his own image. He’s disobeying God’s law!”

LOL. You all must think it's so flipping easy

LOL. You all must think it’s so flipping easy.

I know Caitlyn is out there somewhere looking at all those negative comments and articles and is sipping on some tea.

This is how Caitlyn Jenner looks every morning (via

This is how Caitlyn  Jenner  looks  every morning. Let it burn in your souls!

Geez, I even had a co-worker say Caitlyn has a disease.

Yeah, it could be argued that she does. A psychological disease called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. But I doubt that’s what she meant. Anyway, Caitlyn cured it by becoming who she felt she needed to be. A woman. Now she won’t kill herself because of society’s ignorant pressure. Think about that for a moment. Know that people have killed themselves for far less.

So society? STFU. Besides, Caitlyn looks good doing her thing. Say it with me, people:

via tumblr

via tumblr

Have all your egos been sufficiently deflated? Good. Now let’s stop talking about this. The world has more important things to care about.


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