Summer TV-Hannibal Season 3 Premiere

summertvheader Hey TV addicts, The summer solstice is drawing near and our summer TV is about to get as hot as the season’s sun. Hannibal season 3 is starting off the summer irresistibly right. Let me dish. giphy (1) Hannibal has always striven for the wow factor in their episodes. So the pace and tone of this episode threw me. Where was the crazy and creepily imaginative crime scene which forced us to keep our dinner down? I missed it, damn it.

Bedelia’s Motives- Although the crime scenes were absent, I was still intrigued with Bedelia Du Maurier’s storyline. What drove her to help Hannibal escape? We all thought her admittance to Jack about the death of one of her patients was an indication of her unwillingness to be associated with Hannibal. But then we see her with him on the plane. So…what’s going on??

Team Graham-Maybe Dead, Team Hannibal-2

Team Graham-Maybe Dead, Team Hannibal-2

I refuse to believe that Bedelia decided to run away with Hannibal because she was simply curious. When she sits on a bench in the subway and stares at the camera, who is looking behind it? Jack? Please be Jack.

Every time she went to that little food shop, I expected Jack Crawford–still bruised from the fight– to emerge from the back room for any information leading to Hannibal’s arrest. But until the final scene there was no Jack Crawford, no Will Graham, not even Alanna Bloom. We get stuck with Dr. Abel Gideon droning on and on about Hannibal eating him away.


Gideon’s Slow Death- I’m a Sydney Sheldon baby. With only 10 or 12 episodes per year, a show like Hannibal needs to get the ball rolling from the beginning. Anyway, watching Gideon being slowly eaten by Hannibal made up for the regular crime scene. If you don’t believe sitting down to a dinner with your leg as the main course truly terrifying then you need to get your head examined.

I mean, that's a HUMAN leg...

I mean, that’s a HUMAN leg…

Fool Me Once, Shame on You-What struck me during this episode was the slow manipulation Hannibal had on Bedelia from the beginning. It leads me to wonder if the death of her patient was really accidental. It could be argued that Bedelia, like Will, was set up to Hannibal’s play-mate…maybe wife? The kind of woman who wouldn’t blink twice if her husband murdered a man.


For a few scenes, Bedelia played this role and knew that she had to; her sea food palate was the only indicator of a conscience. We see that she tries as much as possible to remain level-headed and keep Hannibal level-headed.


 Bedelia was right to play it cautious but not even her caution prepared her for witnessing the death of  Anthony Dimmond when he catches on that Hannibal is not quite as he seems. And then we realize that she’s in more than she bargained for; Hannibal has been playing her from the beginning and now she’s lost.


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Or is she?

Save her somebody!

Save her somebody!

Got to watch the next episode to find out, fans.

Give me your feedback! XD

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