TV Hotspot Feature-Thoughts on the GoT Season 5 Finale


Cersei’s Walk of Shame by Marc Siminetti (via pinterest)

Hey Game of Throners,

What a grim ending to the season finale. I’m still in shock. The actors warned us but we still weren’t ready for that end scene. No one was ready. I’m pretty sure GoT readers are just as heartbroken. And from the articles about the ending, I don’t think there will be a reversal. So, I may have to resign from being a GoT fan. I’ll leave my membership card on the way out.

SPOILERS, SWEETIE:  If you haven’t, go watch the season finale; cry for a few minutes and then come read what I have to say.

I’ve decided to forgo my usual ‘five points or less’ post when discussing season finales. I know I’m going to have a lot to say which won’t cover five points. It’s time I stop deluding myself. Game of Thrones has broken me.

1.The One Death I Actually Saw Coming.

It is tragic that with the deaths so frequent, I can now know when a death is coming. There was little Myrcella being praised by her Uncle Father on how lucky she is to have a hot, kind man as her future husband, how people don’t get that once in a lifetime deal and how good life has been to her so far. She tells him with beautific smile that she knows that he is her father and yay yay for that…I mean, this was a kindness from the writers. They set it up gently for Myrcella’s life to be taken away. Mother Mercy indeed.

“Myrcella?” Nah, Jamie, accept it. We have. #achildisdead

I don’t like that they killed her but s she got a small amount of screen time so it wasn’t that bad. Shireen though? I will not rant. I will not rant.

This face says it all..

This face says it all..

2. Stannis GOT HIS!

With the way Stannis had been failing all season and his horrible parenting skills, I knew it would all come to an end sooner or later.  At one point the man personified Job with all the misfortunes at his doorstep. Half of his men abandoning him because who wants to work with a child killer? His wife killing herself (sorry not sorry, I don’t sympathize fools) and his whore/prophet running away when she realized the Lord of Light had no chill.

None at all 0_0

None at all 0_0

My justice laughter was sweet in the late night, YES! As Brienne stood before him to avenge his brother, nothing could erase my smile. Nothing.

I may have done a jig. It's unconfirmed.

I may have done a jig. It’s unconfirmed.

3. Theon is Back!

Move over, Reek. Theon was needed for the episode. When he pushed over that maid bitch and we got to see her die, I pumped my fists in the air. I’m a blood-thirsty soul, I’m not gonna lie to you. Spartacus was my bloody fix so when I see things like these, the amusement is real.

*Claps hands in sadistic glee*

*Claps hands in sadistic glee*

Now Sansa and Theon are free to go find Brienne. I’d say let’s hope they find her but its GoT and hope is for the weak.

4. WTF is Going on with Arya?



Who didn’t give the gods their daily sacrifice? Between the Lord of the Light and the Many- Faced God, someone forgot to feed these always-hungry gods. Ya’ll know they get like Hades when they don’t have their Snickers bars. original (3) Okay, Arya may have been a bit too eager to kill that pedobear  Ser Meryn Trant but you cannot deny that was an awesome kill. The monologue, the dramatics: she’s good. She’s real good. My blood-thirsty mentality has no shame, people!



And speaking of shame…

5. Mama Resting Bitch Face is Loving the Walk of Shame.

This was, by far, one of the best scenes in Game of Thrones history.

Cersei Lannister brutally jeered by the people; naked, scarred and unclean was just the pivotal Justice cherry on top. By that time, my Justice laughter had transformed into a little, cherubic girl gathering posies in a meadow. I was that ecstatic.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...*gathering posies*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…*gathering posies*

And I know I wasn’t the only one. Mama Resting Bitch Face (yeah, the nun who has not given one f*&% about Cersei) was so in love with the walk, I caught her ghost smile a couple of times. For her, this is the rave she won’t allow anyone else to have.


I can only imagine what she’s thinking.

“Shame!” YES LORDT! Justice is served and I’m pleased as pie.

“Shame!” YAAAS, the people know what’s up!

“Shame” Cersei don’t know, she will know TODAY!

*shrugs* Something like that.

Lena Headey said we would feel sorry for Cersei because of what she had to face. I applaud Lena Headey for the powerful emotions she exuded in that scene but that’s it. Feeling sorry for Cersei. HA! NOPE.

6. Dany Pulled a ‘take care of things, I’mma come right back’ Move.

First off, Drogon is the chilliest dragon in the world. Don’t dispute me. He had the itis and he was not about to fly anyone until his nap-time was over.

LOL. Love you, boo.

LOL. Love you, boo.

But the whole of Mereen is going civil war nuts. So, who we gonna call? Tyrian, Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm. The GoT ghostbusters, guys. I believe they may do a good job. Clean up house before Dany comes back. You know she can’t clean right. By the way, Tyrian and Varys have the best dialogue. So, I’m glad they’re back together.

Reunited and it feels so good!

Reunited and it feels so good!

7. Jon Snow dead? What is happening?! WHAT IS THIS ENDING?!

Did you know that it took me at least three stabbings to realize they wanted to kill Jon Snow? Before the bitch kid  the youngest lad there had a turn, something inside me snapped. “What’s going on?” I asked the screen while Jon lay in the snow. “What is happening?!”

Get up Jon Snow!

Get up Jon Snow!



Maan, f&%$ you.

Maan, f&%$ you.

Night’s Watch is now DEAD to me. ‘For the Watch’ my fantastic behind! I hope the white walkers climb the wall and  burn that place to the ground, using the bones of the men of the Night’s Watch to kindle their bonfires. I told ya’ll my bloodthirstiness has no boundaries!

I'd likesay what I would do to him but this is a public site and he's a kid...damn it

I’d like to say what I would do to him but this is a public site and he’s a kid…damn it

I get it. In the book, Jon Snow looks like he’s dying. But GRRM has said, many times, in a number of interviews that his book fans know better than to assume he’s actually dead. So why are the writers acting like the scene depicts Jon Snow’s last intake of breath? Why is Kit Harington telling us of his plans now that he’s unemployed? No, no, no, no! Don’t you dare, writers!

We might not get Lady Stoneheart. Fine. But Melisandre better use her dark magic to revive Jon Snow or GoT won’t have a damn fanbase. You cannot kill the one guy who could  help turn Westeros around. You cannot kill a hero! He and Dany for the win! I..I…

via tumblr

via tumblr

I’ll see how the spoilers go before I give up my membership. I hope your summer TV season isn’t this heartbreaking, addicts.

Give me your feedback! XD

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