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futuretraveler Hey travelers,

It’s been a while but I have not forgotten my travelling pursuits. Recently, I came upon this post done by AwesomelyLuvvie who travelled to Kenya for a few weeks. She shared with her fans a story of her visit to the Elephant Orphanage. In an instant, I was mentally skipping down memory lane to a time when I had always wanted to visit an animal sanctuary. So, I did a little research…

Here are the top four animal sanctuaries I would love to visit.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This animal orphanage caters to the care of baby elephants who have been victimised of poaching. Their mothers have been hunted down and killed for the ivory demand, which is just cruel because who wants to ruin the life of a baby elephant?

Too damn cute (via tumblr)

Too damn cute (via tumblr)

The Kenyan government is taking measures to eradicate poaching but, like many societal issues, its deep rooted. It’s a good thing we have orphanages like these which will take care of these baby animals and keep them out of harm’s way until they are grown.

10 points for the human race! (via David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

10 points for the human race! (via David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

The orphanage was founded by Dame Daphne Sheldrick in honour of her late husband, a famous naturalist, in 1977. According to their website, to date, the nursery has successfully hand raised over 150 baby elephants and its growing. The orphanage conducts frequent animal rescues and rehabilitation services. Good humans! Pat yourselves on the back.

Look at him, owning that recovery life. (via David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

Look at him, owning that recovery life. (via David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

The orphanage also cares for other animals such as rhinos and zebras. In other words, they are the Kenyan wildlife angels. And if dogs are fated to go to heaven, the rest of the animals can cash in.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick, the head angel.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick, the head angel.

I’m so here for the project and when I get my hands on some real cash, I may adopt a baby elephant. Another thing: who wants to kill baby rhinos??

Adorable!!! (via tumblr)

Adorable!!! (via tumblr)

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

This sanctuary has been around since 1927 and started with only two koalas. Now? It’s home to over 130 koalas along with 100 different species in Australia. Talk about a huge improvement–it prides itself as being the oldest and largest koala rescue centres. The woodland reserve has also been visited by a number of famous people. Including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, other members of the royal family and even Pope John Paul II.

I guess this is one way to show you're a cool pope. (via livejournal)

I guess this is one way to show you’re a cool pope. (via livejournal)

Ever since I was a little kid watching Kratts Creatures (if you’re a 90s kid, raise the roof!), I always loved watching the segment with the koala bears. Yeah I knew they were wild animals but if I got the chance to have one, I’d at least keep him/her for six months.

To bask in their koala-ness ^_^ (Photo: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary www.koala.net)

To bask in their koala-ness ^_^
(Photo: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary http://www.koala.net)

Rather than be jailed for keeping a koala hostage, I found it more humane to visit the place. Besides kidnapping visiting the koala bears, there are many other activities at the sanctuary. Click HERE if you’re interested. I’m not above advertising.

The China Bear Rescue Centre

The China Bear Rescue Centre is an arm of Animals Asia and is dedicated to ending bear bile farming, the eating of cats and dogs in Asia and the abusive treatment of animals in zoos and safari parks in China.

Bears matter too. (via Bear Rescue Centre)

Bears matter too. (via Bear Rescue Centre)

I didn’t even know about bear bile farming until I saw the explanation on the site. I’m glad I am now aware but it wasn’t a pleasant read. According to the rescue centre’s site, over 10,000 bears are kept in bile farms in China and approximately 1, 245 bears are also suffering in Vietnam. Ten thousand! These ‘farmers’ extract the bile out of bears which is extremely painful and invasive and causes infection.

The bile is medicinal and is used in many products. At this point, I don’t even want to drink bottled water if I know a bile farm had something to do with its manufacture!

End the cruelty! (via all-creatures.org)

Caged for bile. End the cruelty! (via all-creatures.org)

It’s especially disheartening because the moon bears of China are so beautiful. I love looking at them. That fur is on fleek, man. I hate using that slang but that’s how much I love the fur.

Maybe its maybelline... (via busanhaps.com)

Maybe its maybelline… (via busanhaps.com)

Since 1994, Animal Asia has rescued over 500 bears and is the only bear organization in China. We need more! Bear bile farming is sickening. Bears are kept in extremely small cages for 30 years. If you can, do your part to help.

(via Animal Asia)

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary

Have I ever mentioned that I am a sucker for all kinds of apes? They can be so humanistic in their actions; I can’t help feeling the Jane Goodall vibe when I see them. So, when I hear that orangutans, one of the most chill apes ever (Have you seen them in the zoos? They create chill all around them), is facing extinction because of deforestation for palm oil, I’m about to flip a table.

Life goal: being chill. (via worldlife.org)

Life goal: being chill. (via worldlife.org)

Founded in 1964, this sanctuary in Borneo is dedicated to the rehabilitation of orphaned and confiscated  orangutans as well as other wildlife species. The website goes on to claim that there are currently 60-80 orangutans living freely on the reserve. It’s a small reserve but it helps with animal health care so it counts.

Visitors are even encouraged to adopt an orangutan. Hm…a wildlife family is not such a bad goal in life, right?

There are a vast number of sanctuaries across the globe. I’d love to talk about the Boon Lott’s Sanctuary or the Tiggywinkles in the UK or the Agra Bear Rescue Facility but I don’t think I have enough web space.

I will never condone the kind of cruelty these animals faced. Guys, do a good deed for the year and help an animal. Even to take a stray dog to an animal shelter. Every little counts.


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