Summer TV-I Must Gush! Defiance Season 3 Premiere


With these new aliens, the Votan Collections needs to sit. (via Springfield TV screencaps)

Hey TV addicts,

I am rushing to get this post done before episode 2 premieres. Any Defiance fans, I’m sorry. I was reluctant to watch the season 3 premiere because Defiance has its share of rocky episodes. But there must be a new writer on the block with no chill because this premiere was bloody ’till the very end….and I liked it!

I have always thought that Defiance was too ambitious with its concepts. The overall story line of the happenings in the town, Defiance, after years of war between the humans and the alien race, Votan, is good. Real good. But the execution has never really been on point. It wasn’t until in season two when the Tarr family began to really kick ass and then I was only around for them.

Best Tarr is Stahma. Alien goddess by day, ruthless thug when you're not looking. (via tumblr)

Best Tarr is Stahma. Alien goddess by day, ruthless thug when you’re not looking. (via tumblr)

The show thrives on its characters, so it would never go ape-shit crazy on killing those quite central to the show. Not like Game of Thrones. We never need another Game of Thrones (Jon Snow!! I’mma stop…). So, of course, you’re coming into season premiere thinking it would be as tepid as all the others.

I was wrong. I was so very wrong.

Here are the highlights

Welcome to Defiance.

In the premiere, we’re introduced to new characters who will definitely keep Defiance on its toes. First its the Omec race who, according to the Votan are like the dinosaurs of their solar system. They were part of the Votan first and they also eat the race for breakfast. Yikes. And here I thought Kindzi only wanted Nolan for his blood.

What? She looks like an alien/vampire hybrid (via tumblr)

What? She looks like an alien/vampire hybrid (via tumblr)

They are the ones to watch out for, people. Not the Votanis Collective with their silly killings and threat dramatics. Nah. The Omec Race look like they can level the whole town. And that’s just dinner. I’m scared for Defiance but for now, the town and the two Omecs are in good spirits. For now. Did you see their people?

When I saw how he decimated that counter, I shit bricks. (via Springfield tv screencaps)

When I saw how he decimated that counter, I shit bricks. (via Springfield tv screencaps)

But anyway, if we must talk about the Votanis Collection, then we need to bring the McCawleys’ and the Tarrs.

The Death of Christie, Raf and Quentin

Did the actors all sign on to do something other than Defiance? That must be it. Because how could they all die in one scene? This is not Defiance’s style and if I was a surely critic, I would say the deaths were excessive but damn it, with baby Luke on the line and my goddess, Stahma, making a tough decisions it worked.

Quentin went down easily. As the little idiot should. This boy freed his psycho mom and brought his problems on the Tarr’s doorstep. No. Boy, bye.

I told you Game of Thrones broke me (via Springfield tv screencaps)

I told you Game of Thrones broke me (via Springfield tv screencaps)

Christie went down like the real Castithan she is. After they pummeled holes into Raf, she went rabid–all foam in the mouth, screaming curses in the Castithan tongue at the Votanis general Rham Tak (aka the Beast).

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Christie has never been one to back down from a challenge and has always gone after what she wants. I have always respected her and I hated, hated that Stahma had to killer her for the sake of her grandson. I kept holding my breath, waiting for someone to do something. Pilar couldn’t have a psycho moment and run in there to take her daughter’s place??

Gooddamit! (via tumblr)

Gooddamit! (via tumblr)

Even Detak was taken aback. But he knew what was up. Knew what was at stake. Defiance got a Game of Thrones writer up in there, believe me.

So, this general is one to look out for. I still stand by my claim that he is no match for the Omec Race but we’ll see. I won’t be on it though. I thought I knew this show and then it went and shocked me.

Moths to a Flame

Nolan and Irisa were freed by the Omec and Nolan is ready to go back to Defiance. Irisa is kind of on the fence because she killed her ex and many of the people of the town. Nolan doesn’t care though and he tells her that in the end she saved these people and he couldn’t be more proud .

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

As soon as they reach, their back into action. Helping the Omec father save his daughter and keeping the town together. But although light is back, everything is fine and handy-dandy, there are still some people who see Irisa as a nuisance. The Doc and the old Earth Republic policewoman (aka Tommy’s ex, aka the girl Nolan slept with)

Maybe this will jog your memory (via tumblr)

Maybe this will jog your memory (via tumblr)

I, Weirdo (Mrs. McCrawly)

Pilar is a grenade, I will say with certainty and honesty. Her having Luke has me nervous and scared for the kid. She tried to poison her children and its been a long time since she paid penance for that. So, I don’t know if Luke has a chance and I don’t see Alak rescuing him anytime soon–spineless bastard.

This fool -__-

This fool -__- (via Springfield tv screencaps)

Ride or Die

The best dynamic is always with the Tarr family and I don’t know how I’m going to survive this show without Christie, adopted Tarr. My alien goddess taught her so much. But I’ll be strong. Stahma isn’t dead yet and you don’t bully Stahma without some repercussions. Rham will learn. He will learn soon.

Ride or die! I love this chick. (via tumblr)

Ride or die! I love this woman. (via tumblr)

Woow, Defiance has stepped up their game! The rest of the characters got more interesting and that is what I like to see. Keep it up, Defiance writers. Let’s have a good season 3 addicts.


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