Reality Bites-Dominican Republic, What the Hell?



In 2013, The DR government, through its Constitutional Court ruled that those persons of Haitian descent born after 1929 were not citizens of the Dominican Republic. Now, there are more than 200,000 stateless people living in the Dominican Republic. If that doesn’t raise your heckles, last week, the DR govt called for a deadline to be passed for those stateless to register for regularization–or face deportation.

I had put off talking about this topic because I thought we were getting punk’d. This was some candid camera shit. It had to be a hoax because although we each have our prejudices, no Caribbean country is going to formally drive you away from its home. No! That’s not how we work.

via tumblr

via tumblr

I expect this kind of behaviour from any other country outside of the Caribbean. But to know that this kind of racism is taking place in my backyard disturbs me.

What the hell, Dominican Republic? We get that you and Haiti have never been fans of each other. Historically speaking, its been a damn wonder these two countries haven’t managed to completely wipe each other out, given they are located on the same land mass. There have been numerous cases of disorganized violence on each other on both fronts but to bring the law into this?

DR, this is the worst kind of shade and you are embarrassing the Caribbean with your foolishness.

DR, the computer screen is your face -__- (via giphy)

DR, the computer screen is your face -__- (via giphy)

One article I read reported that the DR government is allowing this so that they can create ‘consistency’. The Washington Post reported that the DR gov’t describes this law as a way to cleanse the society. Cleanse? Consistency? Excuse me but are the members of the DR gov’t distant relatives to Hitler? This is how the Holocaust started! Or do we not remember this?

At least remember Schindler's List (via pinterest)

At least remember Schindler’s List (via pinterest)

Nope. Someone read the biography of Hitler and decided to run with it. Maan, between these assholes and the Neo-Nazi demon the world is looking bleaker every minute. There is so much wrong in this, there are no words. Dominican Republic, fix this mess. You can’t possibly do a mass deportation of Haitians and get away with this.

Donkey seh the worl’ nuh level. But humanity still exists.


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