Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Yoga)

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Hey music lovers,

I don’t think Janelle Monae gets enough credit for the feminist narrative in her songs. Talking about being a powerful, ‘electric lady’ while dancing to a funky beat is all we women ever ask for. So when Yoga came out, I expected to hear meaningful lyrics to a catchy beat and I wasn’t too displeased.

Janelle Monae ft. Jidenna-Yoga

Jidenna’s part could have been left out. Admit it. You know Janelle Monae is all about human rights for everyone especially us ladies, ‘you cannot police me, get off my areola‘, rebel style lyrics…and then Jidenna is talking about sex. Maybe I’ve misinterpreted it but if I’m right, I understand. Women are free to sexually express themselves too (liberal feminist, ftw) but I’m saturated with sex songs now so it annoyed me. I wonder if she has a version without him.

The beat is damn catchy though and when I’m listening to it, my body/booty cannot help itself. I’ve gotta shake! So, give it a listen and shake that God-given booty!

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