TV Hotspot Feature-Thoughts on the Orphan Black Season 3 Finale

MONKEY! (via springfield screencaps)

MONKEY! (via springfield screencaps)

Hey TV addicts,

I hope I have given you all enough time to watch the season 3 finale of Orphan Black. I have a lot I want to say about it. Let’s get straight to it. Helena-gushing is imminent.

Sarah is Bad-Ass in Her Grunge

This street-smart woman owned this episode brilliantly, despite the shocking reveal of the Neolutionists who are like the dogmatic and domineering parents of Castor and Lida. She handled all the setbacks and used her street talents to wield Kendall’s value to Ferdinand, Topside and Castor. The way she duped Virginia Coadey? My gosh, she’s learning! Sarah is no longer Jon Snow. She’s becoming our very own Cersei.

Can you blame her? She told her family that the Castor business ends now. She wanted her Monkey (Kira) back and you don’t ever poke a mama bear and expect to live.

Sarah is tired of your shit. (via tumblr)

Sarah is tired of your shit. (via tumblr)

Jesse is Back!

Patrick J. Adams’ Twitter campaign was successful. Jesse is back and still hot for Helena. Yaaas. She’s a little firecracker, isn’t she? I’m glad he’s around, he can calm her down and make her focus on the little things because goodness knows with that murderous talents, she either needed a man or a hobby.

Even the way she is intimate is wild... (via tumblr)

Even the way she is intimate is wild… (via tumblr)

Speaking of Helena’s violent tendencies…

Helena Gives Me Everything I Need!

Do not tell me you weren’t licking your lips in fascinating expectation for the Rudy/Helena showdown. It was short but so damn epic. In a fit of sportsmanship, Helena hands him a masking tape to help him grip his weapon. He refuses and in her lovely blood-thirsty way, says that he’ll be sorry once she severs his bicep.

*hops up and down in glee*

*hops up and down in glee*

And he does regret it. In the most bloody satisfying way that one could.

*cackles* (via tumblr)

*cackles* (via tumblr)

But she still pities him when his illness overpowers him. Like the other Castor clone, she soothes him to his death. I always found her respect of death very poetic. She has a real understanding of it and life, which reminds us that she is not some idiot killing machine.

Because in the end, death is the ultimate killer. (via tumblr)

Because in the end, death is the ultimate killer. (via tumblr)

Neolution is Everywhere and It’s Scary

I didn’t even remember Neolution. I thought it had died a season one plothole death. But these writers are like people of the North. They forget nothing and in the instant it takes to attack and later kill Delphine as well as create a hyped up psycho in Franklin, the name pops right up in your face.

RIP Delphine. (via tumblr)

RIP Delphine. (via tumblr)

It is the parent company of both Projects Lida and Castor and they have seen everything and been there from the beginning. And if that doesn’t send you shuddering, Rachel’s mom heads the whole structure. Good God. Her family needs to chill.

"Hello Rachel" Me: Rachel, tell your mom she needs to retire -_- (via springfied tv screencaps)

“Hello Rachel” Me: Rachel, tell your mom she needs to retire -_- (via springfied tv screencaps)

I’m frightened by this. As frightening as that good doctor attacked Delphine with that worm, which I firmly believe he mutated with–as if Orphan Black can definitely afford to be a little supernatural.

Me: that's been in him THIS WHOLE TIME? (via springfield tv screencaps)

Me: that’s been in him THIS WHOLE TIME? (via springfield tv screencaps)

Now that I’m as paranoid as Mrs. S, I believe Cosima’s girlfriend has something to do with Neolution. Delphine was suspicious but she wasn’t asking the right questions. Plus, she didn’t seem surprised by who was killing it. Conspiracy, afoot!

But It Seems We Have a Contender

I’m going to gush about James Frain for a minute. The man’s acting skills are at Zeus’ level. If you have seen him in the Tudors, The White Queen, True Blood then you know this is me whenever I see him in a show.

(via giphy)

(via giphy)

His latest character, Ferdinand was just acting genius. When he had to play Ferdinand finally realizing Neolution has always been on his tail. Well. The man had a few things to do about it.

Like this... (via tumblr)

Like this… (via tumblr)

And this...(via tumblr)

And this…(via tumblr)

It seems he really, really hates Neolution.

The tension! Can’t wait for season 4. How about you?


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