Summer TV-My Mad Fat Diary Season 3 Premiere

Rae and Finn ^_^ (via youtube)

Rae and Finn ^_^ (via youtube)

Hey MMFD fans,

The world of Rae, Finn and gang is coming to a close this season. But until then, let’s keep on enjoying the MMFD world by talking about this season premiere.

SPOILERS SWEETIE: As if I didn’t have to call it.

My Mad Fat Diary has always showcased Rae Earle’s nostalgic 90s life in wonderfully blissful moments forgotten instantly when a dangerously, life-altering moment appears. This episode was no different. All seems well for Rae. She has overcome a lot of emotional obstacles and has a great group of friends, a ridiculously hot boyfriend, a fantastic job and living in a town that loves her back.

In this place called perfect... (via tumblr)

In this place called perfect… (via tumblr)

So naturally, it has to change.


Life sucks. Wear a helmet. (via tumblr)

She gets an offer to Bristol, which her mother discovers. Fine. The family knows about it. But everyone else doesn’t have to…until the principal let’s it slip and then the whole town knows.

Here we go *braces for impact* (via tumblr)

Here we go *braces for impact* (via tumblr)

It all goes downhill from there. Finn, the handsome boyfriend, decides to give their relationship a time out because she lied to him. Plus, he doesn’t want to hold her back. Damn it. Good looking AND a saint. The stuff of Town Perfect. Besides Finn’s sainthood, Kester–her therapist–thinks its time to discontinue their sessions. This, along with Finn leaving her, gnaws at the edge of her sanity and she self-harms.

Dammit, Rae. You were doing so well (via tumblr)

Dammit, Rae. You were doing so well (via tumblr)

She tries to keep it together, she really does. But in the end, you really need that life helmet. She and her friends suffer a car crash and Chloe, unconscious, is rushed to the hospital.

Oh shit... (via tumblr)

Oh shit… (via tumblr)

British television, must you hurt me? I couldn’t deal with the lack of Finn in the last few scenes and then the car crash just floored me. I could be angry and say that Rae needs to grow up and realize that life isn’t a stasis. But she has relied so much on the familiarities to keep her shit together that all I can feel is sorrow.

Someone needs to gently explain to her that life goes on. Kester failed at doing this. Do better, Kester! At the very least, make her listen to Life Goes On by the Beatles. No one can regress with the Beatles.

Stay strong, MMFD fans.


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