Summer TV-No More Donna/Harvey? (Suits S5 Premiere)

Donna...and Litt?! No, no, no, no. no! (via springfield tv screencaps)

Donna…and Litt?! No, no, no, no. no! (via springfield tv screencaps)

Hey TV addicts, Suits is BACK! Thank goodness. Weren’t you becoming nuts wondering what would happen between Donna and Harvey? Now that I know it, I wish I was back in my ignorant bubble. Batman Harvey, I’m here for you. Let’s discuss the season 5 premiere.

When it comes to American laws and ‘lawyering’, I don’t know shit. I’m not a lawyer and all my lawyer friends are unavailable because: lawyers. So, I won’t even try to decipher this week’s case issue (bankruptcy, yeah?). All I know is that Batman Harvey and Mike, the boy wonder, shut down the problem in that excitingly brilliant manner of theirs. Moving on… Engagement Bliss I told someone who hadn’t watched Suits yet that Rachel is the sweetheart of the show. And if anyone insults her, they have no soul. Down to earth, compassionate and with flaws we can all relate to, she is the girlfriend I want to grow up to be. Rachel is ultimate bae, don’t insult my Rachel! Of course Mike decided to put a ring on it. Wouldn’t you? Let’s wish the best for this couple.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Batman Harvey Has Weaknesses I think the most shocking part of this premiere was seeing Batman Harvey grow through anxiety attacks. Batman Harvey is the Batman Harvey. You think he gave himself that name because he likes Batman? He gave himself that name because his closing is a science and the man knows it. So, to see him suffering like that, had me squirming in my seat. It’s not right. Not right at all.

Harvey :(

Poor Harvey  (via tumblr)

But Donna is determined to distance herself from Harvey as much as possible. He dug that hole himself, I have to say. You don’t shrug off confessions of love in front of Donna and not expect her to wonder about it. It’s Donna. The woman has her own gift. Harvey knows he lost a great thing and his anxiety shows it.

Donna and Litt?! Louis gave Donna an out when she said she wanted to go work for him. The man knew that even though having Donna would be a blessing, it would only be for a minute. Donna and Harvey are like crossed fingers; she would be right back with him. And Louis is no fool. But Donna insisted and now, they’re *swallows hard* a thing. As you can see, its taking me a while to really grasp the concept. Harvey’s outburst at her also didn’t help matters. Thanks, Harvey. Now she’s prideful and a woman’s pride is a powerful thing.

Youuu! *facepalm*

Youuu! *facepalm* (via tumblr)

Seriously, though. Donna and Litt? You’re Batman Harvey, Harvey! You can do anything. Save us from this Donna and Litt pairing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Louis Litt. He can be cruel and a sugar bear at the same time. Kinda like those sour patch kids candy bears.

If you tilt your head at angle he looks like the candy bear. (via tumblr)

If you tilt your head at an angle he really looks like the candy bear. (via tumblr)

But its Donna and Harvey. For four seasons, we fell in love with their bond and hoped they would fall in love with each other. Now that it finally, finally happened, she runs to Litt? This madness has to end. I don’t deal well with change in Suits. It makes me uncomfortable and needy.

She made a new tradition? Oh, Donna. (via tumblr)

She made a new tradition? Ohhh, Donna! (via tumblr)

Fine. I’ll go with it -_-

Yeah, Harvey!

Fight the power. (via tumblr)

If Batman Harvey is trying to get over this change, I guess I can try too. Besides, I can’t resist asking the question: who could ever will replace Donna?


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