Musical Mentions-Sean Hannity, Do Not Compare Rap Music to Confederacy

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Hey music lovers,

Sean Hannity from Fox News (so brace yourself for this mess) tried and failed to explain that if the Confederate flag should be banned, rap music should be banned too.

Man, I dislike this guy.

For a political partisan, Sean Hannity and his pig-headed logic has always annoyed me. But I didn’t think he was such a pig-head to create an obvious red-herring to a serious issue.

We get it, you Confederate weirdo. You don’t think its right to ban the Confederate flag. Hell if I know, since any decent human being would think a flag which represents one of the lowest events in American history as well as the continuance of chattel slavery should have been eliminated the moment the American Civil War ended.

Need we remind you of this asswipe? (via

Oh, and need we remind you of this asswipe? (via

But if you’re going to share an opinion on a public platform, come up with better points to back up your claim. Please. For your sake as well as the goddamn human race.

Comparing a flag which incited a freaking civil war to rap music dialogue is the worst comparison I have probably seen in my short 25 years on this planet. Really, sir? Rap music? The most that’s incited are intense gender/feminist discussions and probably an insurgence of slutty women.

And probably these girls... (via tumblr)

And these girls. (via tumblr)

Now, I’m no expert but I’ve come to understand that the rap genre originally stemmed from the lack of upward mobility and empowerment black people faced in their ghetto communities. The genre gave voice to those disillusioned with their circumstance. The rap genre was the outlet to vent their frustrations. It was either rap or kill innocent lives in gangs to survive.

White sir, please understand the context before you condemn it, or



Contemporary mainstream rap music is about hoes and bitches. I won’t even try to explain the use of the n-word. It’s a complex issue. After being classified as a sub-culture for so long, the rap genre has finally gotten a ‘piece of the pie’. It’s no longer just an avenue through which to vent frustrations of circumstance. Being a rapper now comes with wealth and privileges.

And yachts (via zimbio)

And yachts (via zimbio)

A male rapper is considered a  ‘playa’ (see: male whore) with stupid, vapid sexy gold-diggers ie. hoes and bitches, hanging around him every day of the week. I’m not saying I like hearing women being referred to as hoes and bitches (it’s probably why I hardly listen to contemporary rap nowadays) but that’s another discussion for another topic.

It will NEVER compare to the banning of the Confederacy flag and to make such a weak comparison, is to brush aside the unfortunate perpetual oppression of blacks in America.  You, Mr. Hannity, need to shut your trap. Tupac, take me out.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)


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