TV Hotspot Shorts-Movies and TV Shows are Not the Same

FOX is going to cancel you.... (via

FOX is going to cancel you…. (via

Hey TV lovers,

I am back. I have moved to Florida. My laptop is (semi) working again. I’m unemployed.

But enough about me, how was your month? Did you miss me?

Of course you did. You also missed my rants. Let me give you a reminder. I was watching the latest about San Diego’s Comic Con when I stumbled upon an announcement about FOX’s new show, The Minority Report. I’ll get to that SDCC roundup later. If you’re a huge sci-fi nerd like me, you know all about this movie and maybe hated/loved it. Be fair, it was an okay movie. What’s not fair, is FOX dragging it’s nice memory through the mud. Let’s rant!

I would be a fool not to mention that there are some great TV shows out there, which were once movies. But that’s the past, when Hollywood pumped out quality and we liked it. I only know it as the 90s, you may know it as two or three decades ago. Whichever is your Hollywood golden decade, it sure ain’t the 2000s. I can bet on that.

...need I say more? (via

…need I say more? (via

Nowadays, banking on a TV show to have a green-lighted pilot or even a second season is such a huge risk, I no longer find joy in watching a new TV show. It’s a scary path of anxiously checking the ratings and over-critiquing every scene. It’s a mess and usually such a let down. The TV show has to ignite some enormously geeky side of me to keep me interested (The Flash, Green Arrow, Gotham, any superhero show will do…) So, you can understand my confusion and overall annoyance when a great movie gets turned into a TV show that may not last five minutes.

I come back to Minority Report. Now, I’m surprised FOX green-lighted this, especially since recently-cancelled Almost Human basically had the same sci-fi backdrop. Maybe they really want us sci-fi fans to be happy but I don’t believe it because I have no faith in FOX’s logic. Ever. I learnt my lesson. It was a cruel lesson.

Broken...almost makes Jon Snow's death look like Happy Christmas.

Broken…almost makes Jon Snow’s death look like Happy Christmas.

Any idiot can tell you that there is such a huge difference between the execution of a TV show versus the execution of a movie. A movie is released once, which means it has one chance to be adored or shunned by an audience. If it’s a miss, then it’s a miss. A one-time loss. Millions lost but only once. The director can go home, cry his sorrows and regroup.

Have a little brandy, it's all good (via giphy)

Have a little brandy, it’s all good (via giphy)

A TV show, I feel, is a greater risk because writers/directors have to bring their A-game every single time. This isn’t a one-time deal. The cost is greater because episodes have to be pumped out every week for the TV season. It’s a highly demanding job. A sustainable plot-line has to be developed for a long-term goal. Comic-book shows are so damn good at transitioning to mainstream television because there is a plethora of comic books with plot-lines and alternate universes for each hero.

And alternate universes in the alternate universes...comic book writes have bottomless imagination pits (via wikipedia)

And alternate universes in the alternate universes…comic book writes have bottomless imagination pits (via wikipedia)

So, when I see movies like From Dusk till Dawn12 Monkeys and Scream becoming TV shows, I have to shout, “Whaaaat?”, rub my temples and reach for an alka-seltzer. Because I can already imagine the pain when these shows’ plots fizzle and die. For the writers. I’m scared. I’m not touching them with my life.

Which is when I reach for the alka-seltzer (via

Which is when I reach for the alka-seltzer (via

Now, I’m no prophet. I can’t predict the failures of these shows. I wish the TV crews the very best in production and ratings. Who knows, right? Already, 12 Monkeys and From Dusk Till Dawn have been renewed, which I’m glad for; the movies were fantastic. But I’m speaking from the little experience I have as an avid TV show fan: it’s not pretty out there. Writing geniuses are required. Especially for Scream because even the movies became lame.

As for Minority ReportWhew. I’d have more confidence if The CW carried it. They never seem to give up shows easily. Sorry FOX.

And if you’re really frightened of the Movie-TV Show transitions, check out Den of Geek’s article on the topic. Give yourself a heads up.

Happy TV summer, addicts!


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