Summer TV-Suits S5 Mid-season Finale…Who Snitched?

No no no no, this is not how this works! (via

No no no no, this is not how the show works! (via

Hold up, now.Who snitched? TV addicts, let’s make some theories because I want that person’s head on a pike!

SPOILER ALERT: I already kind of spoiled you. I’m not here for your complete ruination.

I scream piercingly at my TV screen when something crazy goes down but I don’t usually shed a tear. I guess I do hold a candle for Suits’ characters because I almost felt like crying when Batman (Harvey) and Robin (Mike) decided to resign.

Then this happened.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

And my piercing screams were back on.

Oh hell no. OH HELL NO. He kept Rachel and his dignity but he still got in trouble? Who snitched? WHOOO SNITCHED?

I want answers. TV addicts, get out your notebooks. We are theorizing today. Here are my list of suspects.

1. Dat bitch Claire

Yeah, she’s my number one. I never liked her. Academic snobs are the worst. Mike shouldn’t have lied to her, should have thought he was better than her and moved on but… men, right? When she came back and threatened to have Mike arrested, I wanted her career demise. If she really is the one who snitched, I demand a good ol’ honest cat-fight between her and Rachel.

*growls* I'm not kidding about that cat-fight. -_-

No, I’m not kidding about that cat-fight. -_-

2. Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff

It was a little fishy that Mike didn’t get the same terrorizing treatment as the rest of our motley crew. He took a day off so he didn’t know about Jessica’s potential usurpers but he put in as much effort as the rest of them to take Hardman down. If Hardman could easily blackmail Jack Soloff, I wouldn’t put it past him to dig up Mike’s past and take him down to fraud court.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

3. Trevor

His little born-again routine may have included dragging Mike down with him. Forgiveness doesn’t look good on everyone and Trevor may be one of them. I just don’t trust it, folks! Trevor has let him down more than once and I believe he will do it again.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

4. Father Sam Walker

In the past, he didn’t charge Mike for stealing that money and he supposedly is under the confessional vow so he more than likely didn’t snitch. But I’m a paranoid person and there is always a nasty twist so I won’t hold my breath. Let’s just hope his religion saves him from doubt.

Other thoughts on the finale:

Rachel and Louis are ‘ride and die’ people for life.

The meeting between Donna and Harvey’s therapist was a little golden nugget.

This is not the last of Harvey Batman and Mike Robin. Nope.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Suits Season 6 returns next year. Until then, guys, stay strong. The truth will be revealed and whoop ass will occur.


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