Summer TV-Watched the Mid-season Finale of Teen Wolf S5 and I Have Questions

That moment you have no clue what is happening... (via sringfield screencaps)

The moment when you have no clue what is happening… (via springfield screencaps)

Hey TV addicts,

So, I watched the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf season 5 and my feels are between confusion and an explosion of mind. Here are my questions.

SPOILER ALERT: I won’t be held responsible for your Teen Wolf breakdown. Watch the latest episode.

After watching that finale, I realized that us fans were stumbling on something bigger than what the previous seasons offered. Is the series finale coming up or something? In normal Teen Wolf life, the villains are brought down by their weaknesses. So why are the Dread Doctors impossible to kill? And why on God’s green earth is it possible to reanimate chimeras? What? WHAT?

What is going on??

1. Parrish is a hellhound for who?

Was he manufactured by the Dread Doctors? This has been on my mind ever since we saw Parrish having those dreams. I mean, if you were killing people, wouldn’t you want someone to help you hide the body? I know I would and I’m not a psychopath. So now that we finally know he’s a hellhound and he works with demons to hunt, we could say that the Dread Doctors may have been planning their comeback to Beacon Hills longer than we think.

I hope he is actually one of the good guys, though. Or at least more on the moral side of the fence.

No man that fine should work with Dredd doctors that ugly. (via tumblr)

No man that fine should work with Dread doctors that ugly. (via tumblr)

2. What’s going on with Scott’s asthma?

The boy is not only a werewolf but an alpha. That means a hell of a lot in the supernatural community. He’s amazingly strong and fast and incapable of any human weaknesses. Everyone has gotten over their fears (mostly), so why are the psychological trauma of asthma attacks still bothering him?

This fear may lead to something more and I want to know what is.

Because if Scott is weak, this show is weak. (via springfield tv screencaps)

Because if Scott is weak, this show is weak. (via springfield tv screencaps)

3. Why does this delusional boy think anyone is going to help his ass?

Theo made that grand speech to Stiles about becoming alpha and wanting the ultimate supernatural team. Stiles stated the obvious that no one would follow him and I stand by that. I’m going to admit that Malia might. Her practicality sometimes outweigh emotions. Liam is young and dumb. I love him…but he still has a lot to learn and he might think–for a minute–that Theo is the answer. But if Theo thinks Lydia is going to join his team, he is a right fool.

The girl has seen horror no one that age should. Theo is formidable but can be beaten.

Theo...your day will come (via tumblr)

Theo…your day will come (via tumblr)

4. What do these Dread Doctors really want?

It seems the creation of more chimeras was Theo’s idea because instead of looking on with glee as he revived them, the Dread Doctors were somewhere else, carving out a hole in the wall to find God knows what.

Meet the Titans? (via springfield screencaps)

Meet the Titans? (via springfield screencaps)

Seriously…what is that?  I first thought it was the Greek version of Superman vs. Doomsday but you know I’m made quarter superhero fan. The Dread doctors kept saying ‘La Bete’ and  the people over at have a good theory that it is the same La Bete, which Allison read about in season one. So, is the fiery dude, Parrish? I WANTS TO KNOW.

If these Dredd Doctors have been around for a long time, then that wall is something special…mystical…and I hope it has something to with Derek. Don’t you miss Derek? His girlfriend came so, I hope he’s close behind. Speaking of the mercenary…

5. Why are we being introduced to the Desert Wolf NOW?

Frankly, I thought this season was going be to all about her. I’m curious. She seems evil. I mean, she wants to kill her own daughter  and she shared a bed with Peter Hale. But I don’t like that she shares villain time with the Dread Doctors. The way she has been portrayed, it seems she is an almost unstoppable force all on her own.

Either a weird subplot will happen with Malia, or she aids the kids in killing Theo and the Dredd Doctors. Let’s hope it’s the latter. They desperately need a hero…even if she seems psychotic.

via tumblr

via tumblr

6. The Band Needs to Get Back Together

It does. It really does. Despite the madness of supernatural villainy, college is close. When those high school ties are gone, they’re possibly gone for life. Stiles is right. Shit can happen to throw friendships apart. So, forgiveness is eminent.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Teen Wolf Season 5B is coming back in January. See you all then!


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