Summer TV-Thoughts on Defiance’s Season 3 Finale

Is this really the end? (via springfield screencaps)

Is this really the end? (via springfield screencaps)

Hey TV addicts,

Defiance has come a long way. If they were giving out Emmy’s for most improved shows, they would have to give it to Defiance. Congrats, writers. Your minds are in the right place and for once, I can say that I want more Defiance.

How good was the season 3 finale? Well…

SPOILER ALERT: Go catch up and come join me.

1. No kids were harmed in the making of this finale (Thank God!)

Defiance Season 3 has taught us to hold our breaths when anyone is in perilous danger. They wiped out the whole of the McCawley family in the first episode. I trust none of these writers to give me a good happy ending. So when Kindzi had Lucas Tarr in her hands, I was already closing my eyes to spare my innocence. Thankfully, the writers remembered that they only work for network television and not HBO or Netflix. Whew.

>.< braces for impact... (via springfield screencaps)

>.< braces for impact… (via springfield screencaps)

2. Yewll Has Mad Skills

Her plans always include some kind of sacrificial lamb but they are also damn foolproof. You also can’t help but admire that even when she was under Kindzi’s control, she managed to assess the entire Olmec ship and its weaknesses. They don’t call her the ‘Doc’ for nothing. She knows her stuff.

OUCH! Sacrifical lamb indeed (via springfield screencaps)

OUCH! Sacrifical lamb indeed (via springfield screencaps)

She also knows who to be friends with. Who else but Datak would stab his friend’s cranium so she can completely override the system? Nolan would be a good choice but he wouldn’t do it with as much conviction.

3. OF COURSE, Nolan Sacrifices Himself

Like, who didn’t see this coming? Nolan reminds me of a human hulk. He brings destruction every time but at least you know which team he’s fighting for. Flawed but essentially good. So of course, like the good heroic father he is, he refuses to let Irisa stay behind.

Yeah, shut up Irisa and let him do his heroic thing. (via tumblr)

Yeah, shut up Irisa and let him do his heroic thing. (via tumblr)

4. I Ship Alak and Irisa

I know its hard to look beyond the OMG-cute baby Luke but please tell me I’m not the only one seeing the googly eyes Alak and Irisa were giving each other in the episode. Irisa had  big dreams to run away from Defiance but now that she’s looking to make roots, I think a certain Tarr can help it along. Yeah, you caught me. I ship Alak and Irisa and although I miss Christie to bits, it’s time these two young’uns realize that first loves aren’t the only loves.

Make it happen, writers! (via tumblr)

Make it happen, writers! (via tumblr)

5. Layers, upon layers...

Defiance faced a number of obstacles in this season alone. Each one could have been dragged on endlessly but the threats were surprisingly short. I like that. I like that the villains stack up. I like that with every new episode, there is a new challenge. I will cash in a membership for that kind of entertainment. This show and the town it portrays truly lives up to the name Defiance.

Always surviving... (via springfield tv screencaps)

Always surviving… (via springfield tv screencaps)

Defiance Season 4 will (hopefully) be in 2016. Until then, let’s at least hope for a Nolan scene.


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