Summer TV-WTF Bedelia? Thoughts on Hannibal’s Series Finale.

The Red Dragon's Death (via springfield tv screencaps)

The Red Dragon’s Death (via springfield tv screencaps)

Hey TV addicts,

Sorry for the late post about Hannibal. I guess I just wanted to deny for one more week that it was all coming to an end. But I understand the decision. There were some hiccups for this season and a lot of what made the last two seasons great were absent for this one.

Then I watched the series finale and now I’m glad there are talks of a movie. Here are my thoughts about it.

SPOILER ALERT: Have you started confusedly at the absolutely last scene? This is only way you will proceed.

1. Was I the Only One Who Thought the Season was a Bit Boring?

Just a little bit. The first episode was us fans hungrily catching up on who died and who survived and a ‘where are they now that Hannibal spat on them’. But the second episode left me bucking in my seat and the third and the fourth…and me just wondering where the gruesome crime scenes were. Those MADE Hannibal, you can’t deny. The writers had a wickedly exciting imagination.

And we have seen some incredible ones...(via

And we have seen some incredible ones…(via

I guess without those scenes, Hannibal just seemed a little over-dramatized with the objects darting out of a black backdrop.

2. Jack Getting DARK on Hannibal was the Best of the Season.

Oh, the darkness! Jack’s ‘fight club’ tribute with Hannibal was one of the best scenes of the show. He was out of the FBI, no protocols, the man was pissed and wanted to kill Hannibal. That’s right. This ‘all about the rules’ FBI man just turned civilian on his ass. He was putting it on Hannibal like how I’ve always wanted.

Jack: Hannibal, NOT TODAY! (via tumblr)

Jack: Hannibal, NOT TODAY! (via tumblr)

3. The Red Dragon Was Better Off For Another Season.

I didn’t mind the Red Dragon storyline but I didn’t like that it didn’t start off the season. I live for consistency so the time jump and another villain just…didn’t ring right with me. It wasn’t until the series finale, when I saw the use for such a plot. In the end, Will sees that he is capable of killing just like Hannibal, if that tag team attack is anything to go by.

Will: I got you, bro! (via tumblr)

Will: I got you, bro! (via tumblr)

Speaking of those two…

4. Will and Hannibal: The Deadly Bromance.

I wanted Will to have a life away from Hannibal. I’m a Gryffindor and I like to see good people become amazing heroes in their own right. I wanted a sense of empowerment and freedom from Will. But he kept going back to Hannibal’s clutches. Friendship will prosper. So, he did what anyone would do when accepting his/her inner villainy. He plunges to his death and takes the original source with him.

We'll be together in hell forever (via tumblr)

We’ll be together in hell forever (via tumblr)

5. …Bedelia though…

How do we solve a problem like Bedelia? We still don’t know why she ran off with Hannibal and no one can tell me that her ‘curiosity’ is a good answer. She takes the drug to make herself a non-accessory to Hannibal’s murders and then when you think she’s gone back to being good ol’ Dr. Bedelia, she is about to eat her own leg.

It's like Hannibal's spirit lives through her (via springfield tv screencaps)

It’s like Hannibal’s spirit lives through her (via springfield tv screencaps)

Apart from being completely shocked and grossed out, I have this funny feeling of empowerment from Bedelia being the female Hannibal. Just another thing modern feminists can tick off their wish list. A female cannibal. Hurrah?

A great ending to the show. But the show-runner Bryan Fuller is in talks for a Hannibal movie. Let’s see how it goes. I’m dying for Bedelia’s cannibalism to be explained.


Give me your feedback! XD

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