Musical Mentions- 2015 Summer Hits for the 25+

Omen is on the summer hitlist of life (via youtube)

Omen is on the summer hitlist of life (via youtube)

Hey music lovers,

As I always say, I’m no music expert. I just simply love the way music consumes my soul. Summer is now over and I wanted to talk about some of 2015’s summer hits. But I’m no tween, so don’t expect ‘hits’ like Bitch, I’m Madonna to be discussed -_-

We grown, people. So let’s have us a grown hit list.

In no particular order:

Feeling Myself-Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce.

When Tidal announced that fans of both these female powerhouses could see the exclusive music video for Feeling Myself on its site, the Internet laughed and made leaks. The only persons supporting Tidal are musicians who can afford to subscribe. The rest of the masses look to YouTube for clips. $20 just to see their faces? Oh, hell no.

Beauty is overrated. (via

Beauty is overrated. (via

Anything leaked is like forbidden fruit. People across the globe watched the video, loved the song and it quickly became a hashtag of diverse meanings, but mainly an anthem for empowered females. I personally like to use #feelingmyself when I look so hot, a selfie must happen. So does the rest of Instagram. But we all know it describes masturbation…female empowerment indeed.

Trap Queen-Fetty Wap

I’m like hey, what’s up, hello! This song had a slow start to fame. A good year had to pass before it was playing in the clubs and being sung by the teens of summer.  I wasn’t much of a fan myself beyond the starting lyrics. It wasn’t until my boyfriend, who wasn’t a believer himself at one point, urged me to really listen.  I then realized the teens weren’t wrong for singing this song (um…profanity aside).

Trap Queen means, according Urban Dictionary, ‘a bombass female, loyal to her friends and family and has no time for petty little girls’ (the word girl wasn’t used, I’m just trying to make it PG). And ladies let’s face it: petty over 25 ain’t cute. A good man your age has the right to sing this song.

Now, Fetty Wap is a household name and he even got a chance to perform at this year’s MTV movie awards alongside Fallout Boy. It’s amazing that his song came back around to being a hit, what with this fickle music industry.

Plus, chicks dig scars (via xxlmag)

Plus, chicks dig scars (via xxlmag)

Lean On-Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft.

All of us in our late 20s are struggling with life and getting this ‘adulting’ right. Friends have become more important than ever because they are usually struggling along with you. Enter Lean On. This song gives me peace and chill, which I needed for the summer. Plus, I’m a sucker for Indian-themed anything. So the video gave the song extra Gryffindor points.

Whoo! Bollywood! (via youtube)

Whoo! Bollywood! (via youtube)

Also have to give a shoutout to the DJs out there. I am enamoured with one of the kings and veterans of House Music and deejaying: Daft Punk.  So I have to give love to those keeping the business alive.

See You Again-Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Teens of this generation don’t know! They don’t know when you’re 13 and you see the first Fast and Furious movie and have insane love for Paul Walker. They don’t know the decade of Fast and Furious movies–the good and the bad-that we all lived through. No marathons. No binge-watching. Those times when you counted down for the next  installment, excited to see the new cars and the new tricks. Drifting, people! Remember the drifting!

The moves, not the movie (via

The moves, not the movie (via

25+ folks, your heart must have broken a little bit when you listened to this song. Paul Walker and the Fast and Furious movies were a part of your teenage years as much as anything else in pop-culture land. This song deserves the summer hit title.

Fun-Pitbull ft. Chris Brown

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have never been a Pitbull fan. His dale and then some Hispanic beat got old real fast. But damn it, Chris Brown was on the track and suddenly, the song wasn’t half bad. Then the hook and Breezy’s chords grew on me.  The radio agreed and it became a nice little summer hit.

The jacket may have also helped (via

The green jacket may have also helped (via

25+ folks who still like the hits Chris Brown belts out might want to support Pitbull with this song, if only for Breezy’s sake.

Yoga-Janelle Monáe ft. Jidenna

I could not do a summer hit list without adding feminist/activist/rebel queen Janelle Monáe, who as you all know dances to her own drum beat. It’s not as popular as it should be but us 25+ folks no longer judge a song by popularity but meaning (I hope). It also has a damn good, catchy beat. I already spoke about this song in a previous post, but I will add one thing: if you’re 25+ and still don’t know Monáe, you best learn.

Rebel Queen 101 (via

Rebel Queen 101 (via


I like when Drake is mad. Did you listen to the two disses he had for Meek Mills? The first one was so Drake but the second one was nasty. It’s no surprise that he dropped the Energy video out when it all died down. Drake’s chill is gone. We have underestimated his skill because of his woeful songs and for that, I apologize Drake. I am not your enemy.

Drake is praying for the strength to deal with these idle ones (via

Drake is praying for the strength to deal with these idle ones (via

25+ folks, we understand Drake’s struggle. There are days where you have to say, “I’m done with this world”. People are disappointing. Disillusionment will happen while ‘adulting’. Caution, friends.

Can’t Feel My Face-The Weeknd

The Weeknd belongs to this generation’s teenagers but I’m going to salute him for this nice hit. One article said it paid homage to Michael Jackson’s legendary beats and style and I have to agree. It’s still a sugary love song and I don’t understand what feeling my face has to do with loving someone but MJ is timeless.

B*tch Better Have My Money-Rihanna

I had to include this because us 25+ folks are out there working our asses off for the rent money/bill money/survival money and there is that one friend/coworker who owes you some cash. It’s our IOU anthem, people! Own it.

The music video doesn’t make much sense but I have to admire Rihanna for capturing the anger and frustration anyone feels when the money has not been paid. Shout out to all those who work in an establishment and hasn’t gotten that monthly salary yet. Rihanna hears you and made the song for you to sing.

Torture not included (via

Torture not included (via

Omen-Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

You think that by 25, you have matured in the game of love. “I got this”, you lie to yourself as you start out with anyone. By the middle of the relationship, you have no idea what the hell you’re doing. Still. After all these years.

Little things and instances are overlooked in a relationship. I will go no further because I’m no relationship guru. I am as much of a victim of this crazy game as anyone. Well, Disclosure knows our pain and teamed up with Sam Smith to help us express those feelings.

In a nice little fluorescent design ^_^ (via

In a nice little fluorescent design ^_^ (via

I hope these songs are worthy of your late 20s. For me, they are. If you have any to add, comment below. Until the next summer comes along…


Give me your feedback! XD

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