TV Hotspot Shorts-Out With the Old, In with the New…

Bye bye, Vampire Diaries (via hdwallpaper)

Bye bye, Vampire Diaries (via hdwallpaper)

Hey TV addicts,

I watch too much a lot of TV, which is probably why I’m afraid of subscribing to Netflix. Then people wouldn’t see me and I’d lose my job and have no money to maintain my Netflix subscription. You see that circle of life? Nope. Better not risk it. Because of my dedication, I tend to get very impatient with shows which don’t seem to be going anywhere, should have already been cancelled from like two seasons ago or characters have left, causing the show to be basically un-watchable.

To which I now say, no. NOPE. Bootkicked.


One prime example is The Vampire Diaries. When I heard this show was going to be made back in 2009, I moved the book series up in my schedule. My 19 year old heart fell in love with Damon and the rest was history. When the show decided to veer away from the crappy conclusion in the novels (thank God), I was happy for the Delena. Yes, I was a staunch Delena fan. But I even came to love Stefan and the other cast.

Then we found out that Nina Dobrev was leaving the show.

(via giphy)

(via giphy)

Well then.

The protagonist was leaving the show. You’d think they would stop production. But surprisingly, the show-runners want to continue. Now, I didn’t come into the show loving Elena. Damon has always been my shining star but he has always been better with Elena than without. The murder victims will all agree to this.

Jeremy agrees. (via gifsoup)

Jeremy agrees. (via gifsoup)

If you don’t agree, then fine. But you can’t deny that despite how annoying Elena can be, she was the freaking protagonist of the show. I have a bad feeling about this change. And my TV spider-sense is usually never wrong.

Besides, I hate change. I’ll just imagine the series’ conclusion and never watch the show again.

On to the other news:

Scream Queens premieres September 22, 2015 on FOX!


The Muppets also premieres September 22 on ABC!


(via ABC)

No more Vampire Diaries? I’ll live.



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