TV Hotspot Feature-The Mindy Project Has Been Saved!

Mindy! Looking gorgeous, as usual. (via youtube)

Mindy! Looking GORGEOUS, as usual. (via youtube)

Hey TV addicts!

I had to celebrate the new Fall TV season with a recap of The Mindy Project, which has been heroically revived by Hulu after FOX cancelled it in May. Oh, how distraught we Mindy fans all were when we thought the Danny/Mindy relationship as well as the rest of the eclectic medical staff were gone forever. But you can always rely on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime to give our cult faves a chance to live again.

The Mindy Project Season 4 premiere. Let me dish!


  1. Danny, You Coward!

When we last tuned in to The Mindy Project, Danny had gone to India to visit Mindy’s parents and explain to them that although he would be a devoted family man, a husband he could not be. Then he saw Mindy’s father holding a machete and thought, “Nah, it’s cool.”

I don't blame him (via tumblr)

I don’t blame him (via tumblr)

But as he got to know them, he was still holding back. Even when Morgan went ahead and found a suitable husband for Mindy, which was her parents’ little project. Project. 

Like scrap-booking but it comes with permanence and kids. (via tumblr)

Like scrap-booking but it comes with permanence and kids. (via tumblr)

2. Okay, who wouldn’t want to be married to Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Mindy, not knowing where Danny could be, goes to bed wishing she never dated him. She suddenly wakes up in a world where she’s married to a man called Matt (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). But after a while, Mindy realizes that even marrying a producer for the Real Housewives franchise has its setbacks. She’s in an open relationship, she doesn’t have kids and her dream to open her own fertility clinic is non-existent. Apart from that, she and Danny are not even friends in this dreamscape. Not even Gordon-Levitt’s looks can rectify this mess.

And it is a nice face...(via

And it is a nice face…(via

It’s safe to say  that only with Danny, can Mindy have stability, friendship and love along with great Italian-Catholic humor.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

3. The Proposal

Danny finally gets it together and admits to Mindy’s parents that he’s the father of her child. Mindy’s parents are on a high level of chill and they tell him that he just needs to be there for their daughter. By the way, I am in love Mindy’s parents. The mother’s drama along explains a lot about Mindy’s behaviour.

Danny travels back to New York just to get the best slap of his life.

That's the slap all girlfriends want to give their boyfriends when they're being dumb (via tumblr)

That’s the slap all girlfriends want to give their boyfriends when they’re being dumb (via tumblr)

And propose to Mindy! ^_^

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Because if arranged marriages can survive for so long, then why the hell not?

The Mindy Project Season 4 is now on Hulu! Go get your fill of Danny and Mindy and one of the best damn comedies on television!


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