TV Hotspot Feature: Doctor, What Have You Done?

Picture Shows: Missy (MICHELLE GOMEZ), The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI), Clara (JENNA COLEMAN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Simon Ridgway

Picture Shows: Missy (MICHELLE GOMEZ), The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI), Clara (JENNA COLEMAN) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Simon Ridgway

Hey TV addicts!

Doctor Who series 9 is here! The first episode premiered Saturday and I needed some time to recover before reliving that hole of despair. Oh Doctor, what have you done?

SPOILER ALERT: I’m surprised I have to say this. Why haven’t you watched the episode yet??

When I was a teenager, I lived for spoilers. This may have stemmed from long bouts of Harry Potter withdrawal and expressing this period of depression to strangers in a fan forum. But by Harry Potter six, I got over it because no one wants to hear Dumbledore dies before reading the goddamn book.

Now, I don’t read spoilers of any kind. So, I was not prepared for that butchery in Doctor Who. Stevan Moffat, warn a girl? To know that in a couple of minutes Clara disintegrates off the face of the earth, is not the way I like to end my Saturday nights!

Anyway, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised something dire happened when the Doctor is facing Davros. The freaking creator of the Daleks practically has no soul.

And now we know why.

Turns out, Davors was only a little boy when the war on his planet started. He was on the battlefield, about to killed by a field of hands…with eyes in their palms…erg…you know Doctor Who.

Yeah...something like this 0_0 (via tumblr)

Hand mines, they call it. 0_0 (via tumblr)

But Doctor Who comes out of nowhere because the Tardis is like Superman’s ear and it can hear children calling out for help. He comes to rescue this boy buuuutt it turns out to be the Dalek’s  creator and overlord.

Doctor: *ahh, shit* (via

Doctor: *ahh, shit* (via

You’d think the Doctor would help him right? Boy, this was a grey area for me. I mean, its Davros! Any other kid…but its the Doctor’s arch-nemisis (sorry Missy) so what’s a planetary crime-fighter to do? Well, he makes the hard decision of leaving him. Which Davros remembers.

Any. Other. Kid. (via tumblr)

Any. Other. Kid. (via tumblr)

Time Theory:

I’m going to take a break in the recap and go over what we have learnt so far. It’s similar to what we Doctor Who fans do during the commercial break because time travel can be extremely hard to understand. It’s a like a Saturday fix of Inception with aliens who have eyes in their damn palms.

The Doctor gets a signal to help Davros, right? His Tradis fades in to that location. He throws his screwdriver into that field of fricking weird and Davros picks it up. Flash forward to now, Davros probably wakes up from that memory, sees the screwdriver in his lovely items bunch and tells his snake minion to go find the Doctor.

The Doctor, remembers that he abandoned the kid ‘cus you know, Dalek overlord, and in a fit of shame, retreats to Karn.

We back on track? Good.

Recap cont’d

So now Clara, while in class, sees an airplane frozen in mid-air and this is the part of Doctor Who that I most adore. The sheer sci-fi originality. Yeah, people and objects have been frozen before but no one has reached the frozen level of a damn jumble jet! *hails writers for she is not worthy*

Clara soon finds out that Missy is the cause of all the frozen planes and she had to make some big, grand gesture because when has the Master ever done anything small?

You got to admit, she is good with her dramatics (via tumblr)

You got to admit, she is good with her dramatics (via tumblr)

The reason? She was sent the will and last testament of the Doctor, which only happens when he thinks he’s about to kick the bucket. She was the recipeint because she is his dear, closest friend. Sorry, Clara. We kind of all knew that. It’s okay. With Missy’s level of bloodthirstiness and overall lack of emotion, we can’t blame you for that misunderstanding.

Anyway, its up to Clara to find out where the Doctor could be and why he thinks he is about to die. Her search takes them back to the Renaissance where the Doctor is playing his life out of an electric guitar while standing on a tank.

The Doctor thinks his time is up and he wanted to go out with a bang.

A going away party is not complete without an army tank. (via tumblr)

A going away party is not complete without an army tank. (via tumblr)

After a surprisingly nice amount of friendly banter considering the fact that Missy almost destroyed the entire planet last season while making Danny into a cyberman, Davros’ snake mutant sidekick (Colony Sarff) comes to collect the Doctor for a karma scenario not even I could imagine.

*takes deep breath*

Davros imprisons all three of them and then calls the Doctor to join him in a viewing of ‘See My Children Destroy Your Tardis’. While Davros forces the Doctor to listen to pre-show past recordings of his other incarnations’ time with him, Missy and Clara discover that the prison is not floating in space but just a building on the Dalek Planet.

FYI, the background music in this scene really upped the 'For the Love of God,NO!' ante (via tumblr)

FYI, the background music in this scene really upped the ‘For the Love of God, NO!’ ante (via tumblr)

This is when it all starts to escalate very quickly.

The hour is almost done so you know there’s going to be a part two for this plot. But that doesn’t worry you, it’s the premiere it happens. Nooo. What worries you is when the Daleks invite Clara and Missy to the same viewing party but they’re on the other side of the screen.

Shit. Shit. Shit. All the shit in the world (via tumblr)

Shit. Shit. Shit. All the shit in the world.. (via tumblr)

Missy tries to play it off. Tries to win them over with some charisma.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

But the Daleks have little to no emotion and has no time for these silly games. So, she dies. Again. Erg…you know Doctor Who.

By now, The Doctor is on his knees begging Davros to spare Clara. But Davros is a cruel, cruel man and as Dalek overlord, *sigh* Clara never stood a chance.

Then the Daleks blow up the Tardis. The screen flashes to white and we see kid Davros in the battle field again, calling out the Doctor’s help. The Doctor returns, pissed beyond high hell, holding a gun to his face.


Are we all okay? I know I’m not.

The Doctor has always made some extremely hard decisions for the sake of humanity. When Rose taught him that conflict didn’t always have to end in violence, his decisions became more difficult. After seeing his best frenemy, his companion and the Tardis die at the hands of Davros, who wouldn’t want him to pull that trigger?

The grey area lies in the killing of a child. Because, damn it, he is still ultimately a child. I don’t know what the Doctor will do.

Besides that, I have to say this was a simple plot compared to Doctor Who history. Usually, I would need  more time to process time travel loops and the villains’ crazy plans. Like whenever the Master is around, just prepare yourself for confusion. I could follow this one through more quickly than usual. Yeah, I know. I’m dumb. I’ve already accepted this.

Simple but still brilliant. Leaving me on this edge…contemplating the mortality of Clara. I know for a fact that Missy has already sent her molecules somewhere for repair.

Series 9! What a rush!

Give me your feedback! XD

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