TV Hotspot Shorts: An Ode to Gotham



Hey TV addicts,

The second season of Gotham premieres today! Are you excited? I bet you are. I know I am. I’m so in love with this show, I took the time to gush about how great it is.

SPOILER ALERT? Not much. But just in case, binge-watch season 1

Gotham had a slow start at first but if you’ve been a true Batman fan a trooper, you would have seen immense improvement even before the November sweeps.  I said this from the premier and I will say it again: Boy Bruce is everything that show needs. His journey to the Bruce we all know and admire is just the cherry- on-top addition to an already thrilling show. Yeah, Jim Gordon grew on me. And the villains and gang dynamics from the show were just as brilliant.

You don't have to question the town's lack of sun problems with these crazies around (via

You don’t have to question the town’s lack of sun problems with these crazies around (via

Fish, Capone, Penguin. The triangle of Gotham doom, my friends. *throws roses* When their scenes are just as interesting as Boy Bruce’s, you know they’re going places. The birth of the Riddler was just a sweet. The other Gotham villains have always been spectacularly maddening.

Then there’s this guy.

(via tumblr)

THE JOKER! (via tumblr)

Gotham, you now have me for life.

Need a reminder of its greatness? The Gotham channel on YouTube has provided us with a nice recap of season 1.

Give me your feedback! XD

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