TV Hotspot Feature- Carson and Mrs. Hughes Get Raunchy in Downtown Abbey

Carson and Mrs. Hughes From Downton Abbey (via

Carson and Mrs. Hughes From Downton Abbey (via

Hey TV addicts,

No, no. I kid. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are the epitome of professionalism and modesty. They wouldn’t be caught dead talking about the vulgarity of sex, right? Well….


Carson and Mrs. Hughes Getting Jiggy With It.

Last season, Carson proposed to Mrs. Hughes and she accepted. I was over the moon! They both waited patiently for love and they found it with each other. It was the cutest old person love story I have heard in a while.

Awwwww! Old people love ^_^ (via

Awwwww! Old people love ^_^ (via

But in the series 6 premiere, after the engagement high, Mrs. Hughes began wondering if her body could still send rockets into Carson’s pants. Okay, I’m using dirtily euphemisms because I’m a millennial and it’s fun but for Mrs. Hughes,this was no laughing matter. The woman didn’t want to feel absurd on her wedding night.

So she asks Mrs. Patmore to ask Carson if he wants a full marriage or a companionship. Did I lose you? The full marriage is the one with the sex.

I am having too much fun with this.

Okay, I'm done! I promise. (via tumblr)

Okay, I’m done! I promise. (via tumblr)

Unfortunately, Mrs. Patmore wasn’t. She reluctantly agreed to ask but couldn’t exactly explain herself the first time. I don’t blame a bone in her body. There was no way in hell I was going to do this for a friend. Mrs. Patmore is one of those rare ones.

Poor Mrs. Patmore. (Photographer: Nick Briggs)

Poor Mrs. Patmore. (Photographer: Nick Briggs)

She eventually hints at it enough for Carson to get it and he becomes stunned. Of course he wants a full marriage! You think he waited so long for just a mere cuddling session every night? And shame on you if you thought differently.

Carson finds Mrs. Hughes, tells her how much he loves her and they share the sweetest kiss ever. If you’re not already a fan of this couple, you should be! Their shy sentimentality will be the best thing you see in television.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

There is no Downtown Episode Complete Without a Mary Scandal

It’s like the writers are trying to recreate the British version of the Shonda Rhymes-hit, Scandal and Mary is forever the star.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

A maid at the hotel Mary was at with Lord Gillingham last season has come to Downton Abbey to blackmail Mary. They didn’t tip her well enough and she has come to collect. Oh, and she knows about their secret rendezvous and will sing like a canary if she doesn’t get her just dues.

Mary refuses. As long as we have known Mary, were you surpised? Michael had hell with the woman. And he loved her. She has a ramrod spine and she wasn’t going to take blackmail from this blue collar bitch.

In the end, her father pays for her. Expressing shock, she asks why.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

I agree. Mary is going to kill it as head of the estate.

Acquitted! The Glove Does Not Fit!

If your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t understand that glove reference, she/he is too young for you. For all the young’uns, please refer to the OJ Simpson trial. For everyone else, obviously I’m speaking about Anna being acquitted from the murder charge. I adore Anna to bits so she couldn’t possibly leave Downton. But I am saddened by the fact that she may not be able to conceive.

Better days will come, love (via

Better days will come, love (via

Who wouldn’t want to see a mini-Anna and Bates playing with the Downton Abbey kids? I really hope there is a happy ending. Their coupling rivals Mrs. Hughes and Carson.

Violet Crawley is Fierce.

Like a jungle cat. A tiger, a panther. Move over, Katy Perry. Violet Crawley is the originally Roar. I’m not kidding! The woman’s warrior power is never-ending. She may be old, but she still has more energy than I could ever retain for a cause.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

In usual style, she and cousin Isobel are at each others’ throats about a decision of the government to take over the village’s hospital. Violet is against it because she loves her autonomy. Isobel is for the decision because it may mean better health care. Let the Violet snark begin!

It has begun! (via tumblr)

It has begun! (via tumblr)

Nothing Stays the Same

They had a name for the 20s. I think it was the called the Roaring ’20s? Or was that only for America? Whatever it meant in Britain, the concept was still the same. Times were changing drastically. And the events in the series premiere shadowed these changes. Being a maid or manservant was no longer something the common man strove to be.

But don't tell Carson this (via

But don’t tell Carson this (via

Now, everyone wanted to be a part of the middle class workforce. Working in a nice cubicle, poring over a typewriter and getting that dough from the government’s wage increase. Already, two maids left and the Crawleys’ neighbours have decided to leave their estate and live in London. Foreshadowing?

Apart from Carson, Thomas is also a little nervous about the staff changes. He doesn’t want to leave but he isn’t exactly popular with the staff. With damn good reason! He can be a conniving bitchy fellow.

But this was cute. (via tumblr)

But this was cute. (via tumblr)

Whatever the outcome, changes are inevitable. Thus ,this being the show’s final season.

Are you ready for it to end? You better be. I think I can speak for all the Downton Abbey fans: we will miss this show.


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