Movie Moments- Mission Impossible 5, I See What You Did There


Hey movie lovers,

I finally got around to watching Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Whoa. Laugh all you want at Tom Cruise’s Scientology beliefs but you cannot deny that with a smart plot, the man still shines on screen.


The Mission: Impossible franchise has not had the best track record when it comes to dishing out premium quality movies. The first one was superb. It had to be. Bruce Willis’ Die Hard and Mel Gibson’s  Lethal Weapon franchises were huge in the ’90s, so the competition had to turn all the way up.

With impossible missions! (via giphy)

With impossible missions! (via giphy)

But by the third movie and a forgettable plot, Ethan Hunt’s pretty face just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Ghost Protocol helped with the Michael Bay explosives but not much.

Boom goes the building...(via giphy)

Boom goes the building…(via giphy)

Then came Mission: Impossible 5. I had no intentions to watch it but my father has been a Mission:Impossible fan since I was six and the way his face lit up when he spoke about the movie, motivated me to give the franchise one more try.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Mission: Impossible played it safe this time around. Some critics labelled this kind of execution as bland, but its all about perspective. When a movie tries too hard, it shows. It’s like when someone tries to impress the popular kids in a high school but instead of winning their approval, he/she just wins their repulsion. The desperate attempt never works.  I would rather movie franchises play it safe instead of going so desperately hard to win back fans, they losing more fans in the process.

*coughs* (via

*coughs* (via

So, I’m glad Mission:Impossible 5 shyly dished out this safe attempt. No one can say it is completely horrible. But everyone can admit it is a huge improvement. If another movie comes along, people will remember the last one and may actually choose to see it. See what the franchise did there?

Seen here: Fast 5 as reference.

Seen here: Fast 5 as reference.

Besides all that, in comparison to a lot of action movies, the plot was smart and well written. Brings me back to the original movie, where you had to pay attention to the dialogue for clues on what would happen next. A nowadays generic mind-screw move but safety first, right? And if you’re a die-hard Mission: Impossible fan, they even cameo a good face mask for you.



Tom Cruise is still a master action hero. Ethan Hunt does not approve of age and therefore will not show it. Jumping on airplanes, being torpedoed in water and of course, those running mantras.

(via giphy)

(via giphy)

Is this the turning point for the Mission: Impossible franchise? Let’s hope.



2 responses to “Movie Moments- Mission Impossible 5, I See What You Did There

  1. I just watched it. I mean, its ok, BUT i dont understand how could his sunglasses survive that huge crash with the car in Marocco, and just after that he rode that motorcycle without any equipment and made a huge break with it and fell. At that speed without any equipment in reality he would be dead, but in the movie not a scratch…and this all hapens after he was resuscitated and brought back to life.


    • Thanks for pointint those out. I did wonder why they made him ride without a helmet and I’m no physicist so I’m just going to excuse the unbroken glasses as luck. You can’t compare these Hollywood tricks real life but I’ve seen other Hollywood action movies (even those in this franchise) make less sense than they should.


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