Randomly Post #23-Ignorance, Your Name is Raven-Symone

So, this happened:

Good Lord.

I’m still reeling from her declaration of ‘colourlessness’ back in 2014. And although she has said some pretty wacky comments on The View since then, even going so far as to defend Bill Cosby when everyone else finally stopped, we all ignored her. “Raven is is just being Raven,” we thought. “Her little kumbaya, colorless world is hers alone”.

But 2015 just wasn’t complete without a Raven-Symone insult on black people. Again.

Really, woman??? (via eonline)

Really, woman??? (via eonline)

Raven-Ignorant, you are using up your ‘dumb celebrity quotes’ points real quick.  And your colorless ass ain’t gonna save you when the black race shuns you for the crimes you commit. Please, for the love all that is colorless in your life, SHADDUP. A name is a name is a name. If the girl’s name is Watermelondrea, that doesn’t stop her from being Dr. Watermelondrea Delationia Baby-Girl Shondra Kings.

Besides, your name is Raven-Symone. Hypocrite, I rebuke you.


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