Characters of the Week-Mellie and Cyrus Say ‘Bye, Felicia’ to Fitz; Klaus’ Vamps Have Issues

Mellie and Cyrus scheming to get theirs in Scandal (via

Mellie and Cyrus scheming to get theirs in Scandal (via ABC)

Hey TV addicts,

Sorry this is late. My weekend has been stressful, but I had to talk about Mellie and Cyrus giving the best ‘BYE FELICIA’ to Fitz I’ve seen in a while on Scandal. Ya’ll know I’m not a fan of Fitz the Hypocrite. Let’s talk about this and other noteworthy characters of the week.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Hero of the Week: Leo Fitz (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Leo Fitz was damn ballsy this week. Diving into a liquefied alien stone to rescue his potential lover is one of the best declarations of love in TV Land. No warning. Just relying on Daisy to keep the portal open so he can get his girl.

INSANE! (via tumblr)

INSANE! (via tumblr)

And it seems Simmons knows it too. Cuddling up with her hero, making us feel all warm and fuzzy and FitzSimmons-y. She may need therapy…haha, no. She will definitely need therapy–alien portals ain’t cute–but she knows she can count on Fitz to help her through.

Cute. (via tumblr)

^_^ (via tumblr)

Villains of the Week: Countess Elizabeth (American Horror Story)

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

I spoke a bit about her and Donovan in my mini-review of AHS Hotel. But in this post, I want to focus more on Countess Elizabeth. We’re only one episode in for this season, but I get the feeling that the Countess is running the bloodbath more than Donovan. Iris preparing her meal by force feeding those guests pureed food rivaling Gerber dinner blends was a good indication. Also this:

Wait, hold up, do over. I wasn't ready! (via tumblr)

Wait, hold up, do over. I wasn’t ready! (via tumblr)

Countess Elizabeth doesn’t deal with your shit, people. She’s one to look out for.

Underdogs of the Week: Mellie and Cyrus (Scandal)

In one of the best ‘Bye, Felicia’ styles I’ve ever seen, Mellie decides to leave Fitz to deal with his own scandal. I don’t blame her one bit. She makes ONE mistake, to save his reputation and he abandons her, like he’s been waiting years for an excuse.

Oh wait...(via tumblr)

Oh wait…(via tumblr)

Then, when Olivia decides to let the mistress out of his pants, she has to be there to save him? Um. No, boo. It took Cyrus being rejected by Fitz once more to see there was no coming back for either of them. After Cyrus let Mellie in on the manipulation, they were both gone and Olivia was thrown under the bus.

Haha, yes. Boy, BYE! (via tumblr)

Haha. (via springfield tv screencaps)

Did I want Olivia thrown under the bus? No. Did I want Fitz to feel the abandonment. GOD, yes. I don’t like him. I will shout it from the rooftops; I have never been here for him and childish ways. It’s not even about his love affair with Olivia. It’s just how he has treated Mellie and Cyrus. Cyrus has always been the devil’s imp so he had that punishment coming. But Fitz won’t even acknowledge the man’s commitment to his Presidency.

Whoo. I need to stop my rambling. Scandal always gets me heckled.

Creeps of the Week: Klaus’ Progeny (The Originals)

And I’m not talking about sweet baby Hope.

By the end of the first episode of the season, it’s revealed that Lucien and his forever lover, Aurora, might have something to do with the mysterious killings going on in the Quarter.

Okay, probably not 'might' (via tumblr)

Okay, probably not ‘might’ (via tumblr)

Originally, the creep of the week was to be the white mummified monster from AHS Hotel and his drill penis but I didn’t expect Klaus’ progeny to be so demented.  I didn’t think the storyline would be that coincidental. So, the reveal is surprising.

Village Idiot: Jake Ballard (Scandal)

As I once said, I love Jake. The man tells it like it is, calls a spade a spade and doesn’t hold back bullshit. The way he whipped Olivia into shape last season was just what she needed. It led her to finally accept her feelings for Fitz. I may not like the affair but I’m just going to treat it like that Selena Gomez song and get over it.

But I will not get over Jake’s above-and-beyond calls for Olivia. Sir, stop. Find someone else to faun over. For your own self-respect, please. As much as I love when the man is on screen, I want him to be happy. And he needs to bless his brilliance on someone who deserves it. In other words, not Olivia.

Dis fool. (via tumblr)

Dis fool. (via tumblr)

Hotties of the Week: Leo Castellano (The Mindy Project), Donovan (American Horror Story)

Shoutout to little baby Leo! When Mindy Kaling (or whoever) went shopping for a baby, they scored with this one. That baby is all kinds of adorable. He’s the kind of baby my unborn child must strive to be. If I do ever get to use my eggs, please God.

My ovaries: This is too much! (via tumblr)

My ovaries: Awww/OMG! (via tumblr)

Who would I be if I didn’t mention Donovan from AHS Hotel? It’s the kind of mention my friend spoke about every week she watched White Collar. Now I’m marveling at the chiseled beauty, yaaas!

Goodness. (via tumblr)

Goodness. (via tumblr)

 Plot of the Week: The Bootstrap Paradox (Doctor Who)

I will try to explain this time-traveling paradox but please, if I have lost you, Google it as the Doctor had advised.

The Bootstrap Paradox refers to events in the future being propelled by events in the past. Lost anyone? Let me try again. An event that happened in the past is influenced by an event in the future. Erm…get it? In essence, the paradox is some kind of circulatory loop, which has no beginning and no end. Mind-blowing right? It begs the question of where did it all start?

 If anyone has ever watched Predestination, then you’ll certainly love this plot. The Doctor even gave us a fans a little explanation before the start of the episode. He uses a scenario where a time traveler goes back in time to meet Beethoven but ends up re-writing Beethoven’s symphonies because Beethoven doesn’t exist. So then…

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

 I wished the writers for Predestination had given us the same courtesy.

Honorable Mentions

Villain of the Week: Damion Dark. When a man can stop arrows in mid-air by the sheer will of his mind, you know he’s dangerous. Once again, Arrow has given us a formidable villain, who plans to create havok in Star City.

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