Midweek Madness-The World’s Biggest Zombie Army; Who’s Trying to Kill Carrie on Homeland?

Zombies! (via moviepilot)

Zombies! (via moviepilot)

Hey TV addicts,

The Walking Dead is back and already giving us the madness in heightened proportions. Did you see that zombie army?? This and other thoughts about shows in the mid-week.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.


The Walking Dead’s First Time Again

If you couldn’t even begin to imagine the severity of a zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead made sure we finally understood it. That zombie army, though! Could it get any crazier than that? I really don’t think so. I mean, we saw it the beginnings of the army last season but then Morgan came back, so we forgot. But then we remembered in this episode and I’m…just…whoo.

OH MY GAWD! (via springfieldscreencaps)

OH MY GAWD! (via springfieldscreencaps)

The army had me so much on edge. Everyone else in the show too because Nick finally got a backbone, Morgan was forced to play five-minute catch up with Rick and Carter was introduced and killed by the time the episode was over. I’ll speak about Carter later this week. There’s a special place for him. Anyway, everyone seemed on edge except for Daryll. Daryll never minds his orders. Riding slowly behind a zombie army? Eh. Just another Monday.

Daryll knows he's got this (via tumblr)

Daryll knows he’s got this (via tumblr)

If the army wasn’t the worse part, some idiot blew a horn to lead the mass zombie exodus back to Alexandria. What the hell? I feel like its the priest and I feel like its finally his time to die. Butt-hurt over that refusal from Rick; you know he’s already petty.

*cackles at the burn* (via tumblr)

*cackles at the burn* (via tumblr)

Homeland’s The Tradition of Hospitality

Frankly, I’m not too much of a fan of Carrie’s. Her decisions are so rash. They get the job done in the end but sometimes, they’re close to failure. Media theorists say we watch shows to live vicariously through the characters but Carrie is the one character I would not choose for that. Man, she’s crazier than when she’s off her meds.

But I don’t want her to die.

I can understand Hezbollah’s commanders wanting to kill her. She was called the ‘Drone Queen’ for goodness sakes. But when Quinn’s next hit job is her…I froze in shock. Carrie devoted her entire being into the CIA. Which ungrateful ass is trying to kill her?

You better find her and fix this, Quinn. (via tumblr)

You better find her and fix this, Quinn. (via tumblr)

No Carrie means no show, which means no Peter Quinn. We can’t have that. Who’s trying to kill Carrie??

The Flash’s Flash of Two Worlds

Life as a superhero is never calm. It seems Cisco is about to learn this as he tries to cope with his metahuman powers. I understand his fears and wanting to keep it secret. But after the research I did, he won’t have to worry. His um…vibe will see him though.

What? It's a harmless hint *wink*

What? It’s a harmless hint *wink* (via tumblr)

Watching Cisco vibe in and out of time was crazy but the epsiode’s end kind of won the madness for Tuesday night.

Wha...wait a minute! (via tumblr)

Wha…wait a minute! (via tumblr)

Sir, I thought you were dead! Unless, this is some other world and that really is Dr. Wells. Or maybe time hasn’t changed yet? Or the Reverse-Flash realized what his future would be and fought to change it? Or Zoom, who is the original Reverse-Flash is actually Harrison Wells! Or…or I can just watch and wait for the answers before my brain hurts.

The madness thickens, addicts!





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