Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Unbreakable)

Janet Jackson is Unbreakabe (via

Janet Jackson is Unbreakabe (via

Hey music lovers,

The music business can be cruel even when your last name is a musical legacy. Janet Jackson has been off the radar even when she became off-radar. I personally loved songs from her three last albums but much of the world seemed tired of Janet. After Discipline, it looked as though she had given up and was ready to retire and live out her life with her husband in Qatar.

Then she dropped an album. Because you can’t take a Jackson away from the music.

Janet Jackson-Unbreakable

Sadly, she decided to re-enter when the game has been won by artistes appealing to the brain-sucking tween masses. It has caused Madonna to transform into a drunken mother trying to be ‘hip’ and other self-respecting legends to bow out. But I’m glad that Janet Jackson has decided to release something us ‘not old but not vapidly young’ music lovers can appreciate.

Mature music is food for the soul, I tell you.

Popularity isn’t everything, people. Check out this song, her album, her world tour…SUPPORT!


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