Characters of the Week-Twice The Flash, Twice the Fun; Elijah has NO TIME for Trifling Fools


Flash & Flash! (via

Flash & Flash! (via

Hey TV addicts,

There were a lot of villains this week, which made my decisions a little difficult. This is a good thing. The TV season is off to a brilliant start. Let me dish. BTW, I am open to any opinions you have. Play around with my titles for your personal choices. I don’t mind. I’m nice.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Heroes of the Week: Flash and Flash

The CW blessed us with us a promotional photo of the two Flashes in the summer but I still grinned madly when I saw the two of them running over to Patty to make sure she was okay. One Flash is grand but two Flashes evoke the kind of geek spasms my friends would uncomfortably avoid.

Must resist fangirl squeal *eye-twitch*(via tumblr)

*Fangirl eye-twitch*(via tumblr)

I cannot wait for more of the double Flash rescue team. Jay Garrick coaching Barry in the way he was always meant to be coached. Barry finding another mentor and healing from his trust issues. Those two are not only going to be the heroes of Central City, but also each other’s.

Villains of the Week: Zombie Army (The Walking Dead)

Yes, I have to talk about it again. It’s not even about the size of the army. I’m assuming we all saw World War Z. This army is different because the camera crew made sure to get up in those zombies’ faces. A faceless avalanche of zombies is terrifying. An avalanche of zombies up close? Not only upping the danger ante but makes us viewers at home squirm in our seats.

Just right up in there. Ugh. (tumblr)

Just right up in there. Ugh. ( via tumblr)

Like I had said, the villains were stacked for this week. But when I think about the zombies, about the fact that they are almost damned unstoppable at that size, all other villains were forgotten.

Underdog of the Week: Rowan Pope (Scandal)

I don’t know what it is about black men always getting their life together in these TV shows. admire it, but damn. All in one sitting? Last month it was Lucious Lyons, securing his Empire and avoiding more jail time like the OG he is. This month, Papa Pope is back and ensuring everyone that his power was never gone and never forgotten. Ooh man, I am delightfully terrified of Papa Pope’s comeback. Olivia! Get ready.


Creep of the Week: Ms. Evers (American Horror Story)

Behind every psychotic killer, there is a crazy woman ready to clean his bloody sheets. That person is Ms. Evers. March is damn charming but she must have lost half her damn brain cells to be there at his every beck and call. And her dedication to sheet washing just makes you pity the poor the woman.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

When March was on the verge of getting caught and he offered her a weapon to kill herself, bitch didn’t even bat an eyelash when she offered her death to him as a parting gift. Like…girl…

Thank God it didn't lay eggs (via tumblr)

Thank God it didn’t lay eggs (via tumblr)

Village Idiot: Carter (The Walking Dead)

You know when you’re in a group and everyone else has gotten along with a set plan but there’s that one douche who still doesn’t get it? Yeah, that’s Carter. You can’t entirely blame him for being a little skeptical of Rick and his team. He comes home to find the mayor’s husband and son as well as a neighbour gone, the mayor herself in shambles and this new group of people suddenly in charge. Shocking, yes. Shocking enough to try to take them over?

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

No, fool. That’s all on you.

Team Rick is confused. (via tumblr)

Team Rick is confused. (via tumblr)

Most of Team Rick has been outside of those walls from day one of the outbreak. Carter had scouted outside for what? Five minutes? And thinks he can acquire authority. The boy didn’t know. He didn’t know what he was saying. But Rick was right. Sooner or later, fools like that were going end up killing themselves with their own blunders.

And of course...(via tumblr)

And of course…(via tumblr)

Friends, don’t be a Carter.

Badass of the Week: Elijah Mickaelson (The Originals)

Elijah has always been in control but ever since Mommy Dearest worked her magic on him, the man’s stability has been off. Add that to his brother abandonment issues, Elijah will not be playing with fools. The man hasn’t smiled right for months and Lucien, you want to insult his crush’s werefamily?

NOT TODAY! (via tumblr)

NOT TODAY! (via tumblr)

Elijah is not here for anyone. Forget the Elijah you knew. The man has the ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’ song stuck in his phone’s music player. People better understand.

Character Mentions: Alfred Pennyworth and Gotham Writers (Gotham)

Meanwhile, in Gotham, Alfred serves a massive bitch-slap to Selina Kyle.

Wha...what? 0_0 (via tumblr)

Wha…what? Did that just happen? 0_0 (via tumblr)

I don’t know if it was warranted because one; Alfred, your friend was a dog and she probably did you a favour and two; on some level, wasn’t that child abuse? Either way, I’m a little disturbed.  This doesn’t seem like Alfred’s style. But Gotham is a prequel so maybe the writers are trying to depict a younger version who wasn’t so amicable? A rough, soldier streak still runs bright through him?? Damn you writers, I’m trying to not to lose my respect for him here!

Because Bruce/Alfred is everything! (via tumblr)

Because Bruce/Alfred is everything! (via tumblr)

So, this ‘character mention’ isn’t really for Alfred, but for the Gotham writers who got the green-light for him to hit a kid. We can’t get side boobs but this was okay? FOX, why?

Honorable Mentions.

Creep of the Week: Zoe (How to Get Away With Murder). The latest defendant for Annalise put on a stellar performance of innocence. Until her psychosis broke through the skin.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Yikes. Some killers were just born that way.


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