Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Hello)

(via youtube)

(via youtube)

Hey music lovers,

You knew this was happening. What kind of music lover would I be if I didn’t talk about Adele’s beautifully sung ‘Hello’? It’s been three years since she made another album and frankly, I wouldn’t have minded if she decided  to bless us with only two albums. But she loves her fans. So she hugged her kid, went into the studio and slayed on the microphone.

Here is the music video. You know you want to watch it again. Today will be my tenth time.


ADELE, NO WORDS! Adele is back to remind us of what a good set of pipes can do. Is she dancing sexily in front of a camera? Nope. Is she acting badly in a poorly written music video script? Nope. All she needs is sepia tone and the fine Tristan Mack Wilds to make a memorably classic video.

I cannot wait for the 25 album which hits stores on November 20. Get your copy and support this classy lady!

Give me your feedback! XD

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