Midweek Madness-Dr. Garner is WHAT on Agents of SHIELD?!; Penguin Shows Why He’s King of Gotham


Penguin PISSED (via FOX)

Penguin is PISSED (via FOX)

Hey TV addicts,

I was on haitus but this TV week could not be ignored! We all know Jerome Valeska was bad but he was right, we hadn’t seen nothing yet. Gotham’s villains are not normal, people. But they aren’t the only ones unleashing the insanity this week…

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Gotham’s Mommy’s Little Monster

The Gotham writers went gutsy by unleashing the villains all at once in this episode. We not only had Penguin exercising his Don Carleone-given right to unleash his thug power on everyone but also Ed Nygma’s brilliantly terrifying transformation into The Riddler. A little early in the making but I could care less. I LOVE Gotham’s villains, Gimme more!

The Riddler is here! (via tumblr)

The Riddler is here! (via tumblr)

Say what you will about Theo Galavan but the man evoked Penguin’s greatness. I may have said once that I wasn’t really a fan of Penguin…until Gotham. Like Carleone, he doesn’t wish ultimate destruction on the city. He just wants some damn respect. And when you kill the man’s mother, how the hell do you think he’s going to react?

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Even St. Cloud decided to get a little mouthy this time around. Selina is a little badass herself, so Silver better watch her back. Yeah, my money is on Selina and this won’t be some cute little catfight.

Hm. Keep talking. You'll get yours. (via tumblr)

Hm. Keep talking. You’ll get yours. (via tumblr)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Among Us Hide

Why does AoS love to reveal the absolute worst in people? And we thought Ward’s betrayal hurt. Damn. Dr. Garner an inhuman? Damn! Straight up shock. No warning, no apology. The reveal just gave me a mindf*ck the size of the Atlantic. I can’t. Nope. I cannot. I’m done. I’m going to sit down in a corner for a bit and stew on this information.

(via gawker)

(via gawker)

Million dollar question: why is he killing his kind? Doesn’t he see how humane Daisy is being with the rest of her people. She wants to help them. Is he hydra? Is that it? My brain hurts…

(via awardswatch.com)

(via awardswatch.com)

Poor May. She keeps sleeping with the betrayers. She should just take a vow of celibacy for all our sakes.

GIRL! I know...(via tumblr)

GIRL! I know…(via tumblr)

The Mindy Project’s Later, Baby

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

The Mindy Project’s execution of an adult life had all the ingredients of madness. And it was absolutely right. Hear, hear, Mindy! We have it rough out there. Adulting is never fun. And if I ever reach the point where I have to put my baby making on hold, people better understand.

Because if this ever happens, I'm out. (via tumblr)

Because if this ever happens to me, I’m out. (via tumblr)

Bring on next week’s madness!

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