Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Can’t Sleep Love)

Pentatonix (via

Pentatonix (via

Hey music lovers,

Pentatonix has always been the a capella group with the most. Whether they’re singing covers on YouTube, going on tours or dropping albums and receiving Grammys they have been the one to watch. Avi Kaplan is my personal fave. That bass level is truly remarkable. Kevin Olusola comes in second. Is there a sound his mouth can’t produce? And of course, the others are equally top-notch!

They have always relied on reproducing covers but lately, they’ve come out with originals. Like this one:

Can’t Sleep Love-Pentatonix

I’m feeling anything but romance at the moment and still, I can’t help grooving to the melody. You must be soulless to not at least tap your foot to the a capella. Once again, Pentatonix has left me breathless. They never cease to amaze. I hope they keep up with the originals!

Their new album dubbed, as usual, Pentatonix is in stores now.


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