Characters of the Week-The Virgin Did It?!


Catherine Hapstall (via ABC)

Catherine Hapstall (via ABC)

Hey TV addicts,

Knowing that the two Hapstall kids on HTGAWM may have killed their parents was plausible. But I can’t reconcile with the revelation the show gave us this week. Don’t even ask me to try. I’m still not over Lash’s identity. My mind needs a break. Let me dish on last week’s TV. As always, hit me up with your own choices in the comments below.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

Hero of the Week: Violet Crawley (Downton Abbey)

When Lady Edith and Mary are battling, it’s always safer to stay on the sidelines. But this time, Mary went way too far in securing Edith’s potential spinsterhood. Ruining your sister’s chance at love? That’s low Mary.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

So, Tom was smart to bring in Violet Crawley. Who else has the balls to handle those two sisters? Once she spoke to Mary things went smoothly as butter. Also, Edith is a saint. If it had been me, I  wouldn’t have come to her wedding. I’m sorry. I know petty don’t look good on my age but you don’t come between me and my man and its instant forgiveness.

You tell her, Violet! (via tumblr)

You tell her, Violet! (via tumblr)

Villain of the Week: Catherine Hapstall (How to Get Away With Murder)

Excuse the sexism but I expected this kind of behaviour from Caleb. The doe-eyed Catherine was probably taken on for the ride but if it had been the siblings, I would look to Caleb to have orchestrated the whole thing. Now, he’s scared that Catherine did it? Catherine, the virgin? Meek and mild? And the evidence keeps piling up with her giving that picture to their weird cousin. Also, her meeting said cousin, who says he’s going to take care of things. Whatever hell that means.

No, seriously. Catherine?

What's going on?? (via tumblr)

What’s going on?? (via tumblr)

Creep of the Week: Barbara Keane (Gotham)

She’s back to take her title. Barbara finally had some one on one with Jim and it wasn’t good. It was like the movie Misery with a hotter woman and a wedding dress. I would say poor Barbara but I’m still side eye-ing the crazy runaway with her ex. Abandonment didn’t look good on you and now your misguided madness is making us cringe. Let the man go.

Okay, we'll accept that too (via tumblr)

Okay, we’ll accept that too (via tumblr)

Village Idiot: Saul Berenson (Homeland)

Saul, oh my God! How could he not trust Carrie? He practically made her into the CIA’s top agents and when she needs his help the most, he backed out on her. Eventually he got a clue but it was too late. They captured him and now he’s useless. He’s lost more points with me because he’s screwing Allison, a Russian spy.

Speak for yourself, idiot (via tumblr)

Speak for yourself, idiot (via tumblr)

Until next week, addicts.


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