Musical Mentions-2015 is the Year for Comebacks

Missy Elliot is BACK! (via

Missy Elliot is BACK! (via

Hey music lovers,

Seems Pharrell heard my plea, having brought our girl Missy Elliot back into the music business with her new single, WTF. Then, who can forget Adele sweeping back into our hearts with Hello and her upcoming album? And the ever talented Ms. Janet Jackson must never be forgotten. Even Bieber sounds bearable. Yes, 2015 has been the year for comebacks!

Missy Elliot Is Talking About You, Miley!

Missy Elliot is a veteran in the rap business and anyone else who says otherwise is a hater. She’s been around for as long as Eminem and to us 90s kids, will always be held on a high pedestal. She’s not just a fantastic female rapper. She’s a fantastic female rapper who isn’t afraid to let her freak creativity shine. Who can forget the madness?

Your brain better process it! (via giphy)

Your brain better process it! (via giphy)

So when she announced her new music video produced by the producer god and my sugar daddy Pharrell, I prepared myself for the greatness. When it dropped, I’d be offending Missy if I just called it great. The woman is back, she’s deadly in her element and she’s chasing after Miley’s foolishness.

"...I'm so far ahead from ya'll, man I'm top of the stars." YAAS, girl! (via tumblr)

“…I’m so far ahead from ya’ll, man I’m top of the stars.” Yes, honey! (via tumblr)

Plus, she’s looking hot while doing it. You tell ’em how its done, Missy!

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Adele Needs to Stop Making My Heart Bleed…Again.

Adele what is your problem? Why must your songs be so intuitive to my shoddy love life? Why must you make love seem so hard? I cannot with you. Adele’s comeback song, Hello will make any evil man cry for his momma and want to go to church for his sins.

The way she stares into your soul cause shit is about to drop (via giphy)

The way she stares into your soul cause shit is about to drop (via giphy)

With a video composed of simplistic elements, flair was never Adele’s concern. She just wants to share her growing pains and this new album isn’t any different. But we don’t care because in a matter of two days, over 900,000 copies of her album have been sold on iTunes. It is set to break NSYNC’s coveted record of 2.42 million copies of No Strings Attached released in 2000!


I love me some NSYNC but this title is well deserved by the beautiful British songstress. The young’uns can keep Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. I will ALWAYS be here for Adele! It just goes to show that, in a lot of things, Britain does it better.

Britain: you're doing it right (via tumblr)

Britain: you’re doing it right (via tumblr)

And she didn’t think we’d like her new song. Stop with the modesty, Adele! Your talent is too divine.

Janet Jackson Shows Madonna How It’s Done

What Janet Jackson sadly lacks in the nowadays pop popularity, she makes up with quality. So she’s not hitting records like Adele, so what? At least she’s not acting like the 50 year old version of Miley Cyrus. Yes, Madonna, I’m looking at you. Madonna’s Bitch, I’m Madonna music video reeked of lost dreams and desperation. This was the woman who played Eva Peron in Evita? 90s kids, you know who I’m talking about! I have lost a lot of respect for her.

Sigh...ew (via TMZ)

Sigh…ew (via TMZ)

Janet Jackson isn’t into any of that. She respects the music game and won’t toss the quality away because of popularity. With her new mellow and sultry tunes, she pays homage to the industry that has made her a legend today.  Her comeback tour is getting its own approved nods from fans old and new. We’re still happily a part of the Rhythm Nation.

I feel you, Janet! (via tumblr)

I feel you, Janet! (via tumblr)

Damn, Even Bieber is Bearable!

Being a Bieber fan, excuse me, a ‘Belieber’ is such a stigma in the music industry and it isn’t hard to figure out why. Bieber fans are a rabid, crazed bunch, bent on shoving the love of Beiber down the throat of any music buff they can reach. You can’t altogether blame him. He’s a talented guy.

Unfortunately, we all know that if only talent ran the music industry, we wouldn’t know more than half of these singers we know today. Image is a hell of a thing. So you can sing your pretty heart out all you want. If the audience doesn’t love you, they just don’t love you. Thus, we end up with Bieber. His haters are an entire regime, which ironically gives him a lot of popularity but very bad press.

Ooooh 0_0 (via tumblr)

Ooooh 0_0 (via tumblr)

But even his bad press couldn’t erase the decency of his new album. He sounds more mature; a boy who will pay for his mistakes and just keep singing, hoping his image will improve. His new songs, What Do You Mean and Sorry actually felt authentic. I had to give a grudging nod of approval.

Is it too late to say sorry...damn it -_- (via tumblr)

Is it too late now to say sorry…damn it -_- (via tumblr)

Will I buy his CD? Nah. Not my generation. But now, Beliebers have something to really get rabid about.


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