TV Hotspot Shorts-The Shade of Kid Bruce Wayne

Boy Bruce looking badass (via FOX)

Boy Bruce looking shameless (via FOX)

Hey TV addicts,

Kid Bruce Wayne is a kid no longer! He pulled out all the stops last night on the episode before Gotham’s winter finale and being so there for his development, I HAVE to talk about it.

SPOILER ALERT: Go watch Son of Gotham and get your life!

If you remember, in the episode before, Alfred basically lectured Bruce on his inability to be sly to extract information from Silver St. Cloud. Frankly, I thought Alfred had a point. Bruce has been giving Silver googly eyes from the moment she was around. He is a prepubescent boy and she’s a pretty blonde. Like mice to cheese, really.

So young, so naive (via tumblr)

So young, so naive (via tumblr)

So when he and Selina cooked up this scheme to seduce Silver, I thought it would be a fool’s errand. Those two have always gotten lucky but there were dealing with Galavan. A man with a century long grudge on the Wayne family. Shit was going to turn sour fast. But I still admired the way boy Bruce flexed his masculinity for the first time.  Aww, baby player.  Fans of Batman, you know what I’m talking about. That man will have so many relationships, he’ll have to write it all down.

Look at him go (via tumblr)

Look at him go (via tumblr)

When Silver St. Cloud calls to say she knows the name, it leads to Tommy Flannigan kidnapping Silver and Bruce in an attempt to find out the name Silver knows. Forget Galavan, I thought, this is going back to the crazy conspiracies of season one. It got to the point where Silver refuses to dish out the info, Bruce being tortured…what?! What was going on?! I was there with Silver, getting flustered. She spills out the name Malone and then…

Tommy calls out and Bruce and Selina enter. Wait a minute.



Did those two plan that kidnapping? We all knew Selina was badass from the get-go but excuse me, Mr. Bruce Wayne. When did you get so grown? I was still acting dumbstruck like Silver until Selina set me straight.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

And then it just kept getting better. Bruce did not have the time nor chill for Silver’s excuses. You can flash your hair and bat your pretty eyelashes but when you hold the key to the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, you are not even worthy of his pity. Family comes first and Silver needed to see that.

"Be Quiet!" Yeah, Bruce, you tell her! (va springfieldtvscreencaps)

“Be Quiet!” Yeah Bruce, you tell her! (va springfieldtvscreencaps)

His seduction was spot on, by the way. Poor Silver thought she was the apple of his eye. She believed all the loving things he said about her. Bruce’s reply?

"That was the point." (via tumblr)

“That was the point.” (via tumblr)

OH NO! You were punked, child.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

He even leaves her alone when she pleads with him that her uncle will kill her. Girl, you messed with his mind and his chances to find his parents’ killer. There is no saving you.

Sorry, not sorry (via hypable)

Sorry, not sorry (via hypable)

Let this be a lesson to anyone trying to mess with Bruce. He will stop at nothing to find his parents’ killer. He may be small but he has become savage because that’s the way Gotham works. This is the boy that will become Batman, for goodness sake. I was stupid to think he would fail.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Alfred may have his own problems to deal with right now but he’s going to have to recognize Bruce’s new-found ‘don’t f&$% with me’ attitude.

I will have more Gotham details in my  TV winter finales post.




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