Movie Moments-The Huntsman: Winter’s War Looks Like a Frozen Spin-off

Freya and Ravenna from the Huntsman: Winter's War (via

Freya and Ravenna from the Huntsman: Winter’s War (via

Hey movie lovers,

I know I’m not the only one who judges movies by their trailers. I will never stop boasting about how I refused to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender live action movie because my instincts were saying ‘Nope.’ Well, I watched The Huntsman trailer and I’m getting similar instincts. Also, those sisters from Frozen sure grew up, right?

From the five minute research I’ve done about this movie, it seems that the movie takes place after the events from Snow White and the Huntsman, which is all well and good, I suppose. But after the ending of Snow White, why wasn’t Elsa Freya introduced? The producers could have at least demanded a Marvel-esque end credits scene. This ‘sequel’ just popped out of the wood work, frightening us all with its ambiguity.

...who the hell are you? (via tumblr)

…who the hell are you? (via tumblr)

Like where was Elsa Freya when her sister was getting her ass whooped by a human girl? Was she on vacation in the Tundra? Did she think one castle wasn’t big enough for two queens? Oh, wait a minute. I bet you she was honing her skills in an ice castle. Then Elsa Freya decided to come back when she found out Anna Ravenna was dead. Yep, that’s it. Seems legit.

She doesn't want to build a snowman either (via tumblr)

She doesn’t want to build a snowman either (via tumblr)

I didn’t know that Frozen was their backstory. Couldn’t someone have let me in on the news? Anyway, those two sisters sure grew up bad-ass. Especially Anna Ravenna. Frozen lied to me. She wasn’t the little sister and she wasn’t powerless. She was just a late bloomer.

Woo, look at Anna go! (via tumblr)

Woo, look at Anna go! (via tumblr)

Also, where is Snow White? The cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart and the director of the original movie was bad but it provided a decent amount of publicity. She can’t be a complete pariah to the franchise. At least replace her. Ravenna was a great villain but she won’t be truly terrifying without Snow White. We all know the Huntsman’s acts won’t cut it against her.

She also said, "Huntsman, you ain't shit! "(via tumblr)

She also said, “Huntsman, you ain’t shit! “(via tumblr)

Watch the trailer below if you think I’m wrong in my parallel.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War opens in theatres April, 2016.


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