TV Hotspot Shorts: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Has All My Hero Feels In A Twist

(via Youtube)

(via Youtube)

Hey TV addicts,

Little known fact: I have been more of a DC heroes fan than a Marvel’s heroes fan since around birth. Sorry, Marvel fans. The Justice League had me since they’ve been on the small screen. So, Marvel may have their movies but DC OWNS television. The new trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a strong testament to the fact that when it comes to TV, DC does it better.

When it was announced that there was going to be a DC Legend’s of Tomorrow back in July, I was a little apprehensive. The show follows Rip Hunter, a time traveler, who travels to our present day to bring together a group of heroes and villains set with the task of stopping Vandal Savage from destroying the world and time itself.

Darkness level: 1000 (via denofgeek)

Vandal Savage. Darkness level: 1000 (via

Having so many heroes packed in one live action show seemed a bit risky. This isn’t the same as NBC’s Heroes. DC comic book characters are insanely complex with their traits and their universes. The rival with Marvel may have led DC to do something a little too wild.

Too much, maybe? (via tumblr)

Too much, maybe? (via tumblr)

Then the new trailer came out.

And I stand excitedly, bouncing on my heels, corrected!

My gosh, what didn’t this trailer have? There was time travel, Bat/Supes references, Vandal Savage, Hawkman (hey, you!) and one kick-ass team of misfits heroes. Can you smell the one on one character drama? I couldn’t even call myself a superheroes fan if I let this miss me!

These two are sure to add the character dynamic (via tumblr)

These two are sure to add to the character dynamic (via tumblr)

DC Comics/WB have this uncanny way of making damn good TV magic. Besides having The Flash and Arrow lay a fantastic groundwork for this new show, the story line is something that I definitely want to get behind. Rip Hunter is a rogue time traveler. Sound familiar?

I'm just giving you this one hint (via Youtube)

I’m just giving you this one hint (via Youtube)

Who is playing him? Arthur Darvill, who also played Rory, a companion of The Doctor. Conclusion? Rory is America’s version of The Doctor. Boom! It just got more legendary.

Legendary swag (via tumblr)

Legendary swag (via tumblr)

Say what you want about the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie and its many faults, Marvel isn’t making TV shows like these. It’s life. You can never have it all. Marvel, keep your epic movies. DC Comics can hold my TV hostage any day of the week!

Your move, Marvel (via tumblr)

Your move, Marvel (via tumblr)

Are you also getting that DC heroes fever? Legends of Tomorrow will premiere January 21 on The CW.


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