Movie Moments- The Betrayal is Real in The Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Are you ready for the betrayal? (via

Are you ready for the betrayal? (via

Hey movie lovers,

The Captain America: Civil War trailer came out recently. Usually, I’m pumped for superhero movies because of all that action and chemistry among the characters. But I’m tearing up inside because of the level of betrayal between two greatly loved heroes. Iron Man, Captain America, where’s the love?

SPOILER FREE: More or less.



I don’t want to choose which side I’m on! Don’t make me! (via

To be perfectly honest, I always had more of a soft spot with Iron Man. Even though he almost screwed things up in the Avengers sequel. He’s living proof that the constant need to innovate spits on morals. Maybe it’s because Captain America movies aren’t that great I saw his movies first why I choose to be his biggest fan in Avengers land.

And there's also funny Tony (via tumblr)

And there’s also funny Tony (via tumblr)

But it seems he’s trying to be on the right side of the law this time around. The registration act appears to be sound. But I’ve watched enough superhero cinema-verses to know that when the government has  a hand in these business, nothing appears true. This could be a kill list for all we know. Steve (Captain America) knows what’s up. Trust no one!

That face you make when you're being told bullshit (via tumblr)

That face you make when you’re being told bullshit (via tumblr)

Although…if the rumors are true and Spiderman does appear in this movie, then all bets are off. I’m on whatever side he’s on. Spiderman is king and my love for him is eternal.

Both versions apply ^_^ (via youtube)

Both versions apply ^_^ (via youtube)

I can only imagine that this will be a short lived disagreement. Say, two hours? By that time, the government is going to come out as the enemy and Iron Man and Captain America are one day going to laugh this off.

Damn it. Feels -_- (via tumblr)

Damn it. Feels -_- (via tumblr)

We can only hope hey laugh it off. That beat down on Iron Man in the trailer was just cruel. Et tu, Steve?

No, no, no, no, this isn't how it works! (via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Watch/Rewatch the trailer below:

Captain America: Civil War will premiere in theatres May 6, 2016


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