Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Burial)

Seinabo Sey performing in London (via

Seinabo Sey performing in London (via

Hey music lovers,

Today, I’m here to rep for my age group. Seinabo Sey is a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Sweden, who is revitalizing the soul genre for those who remember what it was all about. Up and coming artist with her latest album, Pretend, she gives us a personal look on life, love, heartbreak, friendship and survival. My favourite song from the album which reflects most of those elements is Burial.

Burial-Seinabo Sey

There I was, watching ratchet television, when this song came along. I know, I’m embarrassed that I had to discover such artistry on the same show where throwing drinks on anyone warrants good television. But I’m also glad I did. Nowadays, more and more artistes are singing songs that barely stirs my soul.

But from the very beginning, with that melee of base instrumentals and the choir, my spirits are instantly uplifted. Every time. She also astounded me with her reflective lyrics. Add all that with her soulful chords and you have perfection. It is as simple as that.

Seinabo Sey hijacked my soul. Watch out, people. She is one of those artistes we will remember the most.

Go check out Seinabo Sey’s album, Pretend, out now!


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